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The University of Southampton
Health Work

Who we are

This group focuses on organisations and structures surrounding care and services: healthcare workforce and their work; the ways patients, carers and families manage health and illness ; and emergency and urgent health care.

Our three research themes have programmes of research on health system workforces (in particular staff configuration and patient safety) led by Peter Griffiths; patient work (with a focus on how social networks support self-management) led by Anne Kennedy; and emergency and urgent care (looking at healthcare practice, service organisation and ways to improve patient experience) led by Catherine Pope. This theme has joint research projects with the CLAHRC Fundamental Care programme (led by Peter Griffiths and Lisette Schoonhoven) and the CLAHRC Engagement with self directed support theme (led by Anne Rogers and Anne Kennedy).


Emergency and Urgent Care

Our research focuses on the organisation and delivery of emergency and urgent health care services and the experience of care by patients, their families and carers.

Patient Work

Patient Work

Our research focuses on the work that people with health and illness and their personal networks of support undertake.



Our research focusses on the configuration of the health care workforce to ensure safe and high quality care.

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