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Institute of Criminal Justice Research Members

Dr Andy Bain

University of Mount Union, USA



Dr. Andy Bain took up the position of Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Mount Union in August, 2013 following nine very successful years with the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth, UK. Whilst at Portsmouth Dr. Bain was the Course Leader for Criminology with Psychology, and the Senior Lecturer: Correctional Studies. His professional background includes 4 years with the National Probation Service and 6 years running a successful Criminal Justice Consultancy group, providing guidance and support to law enforcement agencies and correctional bodies.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Psychology (Joint Honors), a Post-Graduate in Psychology, a Master of Science in Criminal Justice and a Ph.D in Criminal Justice, which centers upon Corrections - with a specific focus on the rehabilitation and resettlement of offenders.

His current research interests include offender rehabilitation and desistance from crime; tattoo and culture, gangs and coded language; social-psychology of offending and risk-taking behavior; and the forensic (psychological) investigation of criminal behavior. In addition, Dr. Bain has published in a number of leading international academic and professional journals, and authored a number of local and national law enforcement reports. He is the co-author of Professional Risk Taking with People: A Guide to Decision-Making in Health, Social Care & Criminal

Research interests:

Major contribution areas:

The rehabilitation of offenders, its history, professionalism and changing nature.

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