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The University of Southampton
Institute of Criminal Justice Research Members

Dr Cathy Taylor

Former member of Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences

Major Research Areas:

My strongest contribution to grant applications would be my experience, professional expertise and/or academic track record in:

Research Grants

Research grants awarded include:

1996-1997 £140,000 Evaluation of the Scottish Children’s Hearings System: Scottish Executive.

1998-2000 £104,000 Young People and Welfare: Negotiating Pathways, part of the ESRC Children 5-16: Growing into the 21st Century programme: ESRC.

1998-1999 £10,000 Young People who Sexually Abuse Others: Scottish Executive.

1997-2000 £67,000 Understanding Offending Among Young People: Scottish Executive.

*2000-2002 £11, 000 Family Group Conferences in Scotland: Moray and Dundee Local Authorities.

2000-2002 £98,000 The Children (Scotland) Act 1995: Home Supervision, as part of a programme of the implementation of The Children (Scotland) Act 1995: Scottish Executive.

*2003 £13,000 Scoping Study of the Scottish Children’s Hearings System:
Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration.

2006 £49,138 Evaluation of the Airdrie Youth Court, Scottish Executive.

*2007 £3,000 Children’s Rights in Rwanda: Carnegie Trust.

*2009 £11,000 Child Care in an Integrated Professional Context: SWAP.

*2010 £2,000 Sport in Care: Using Freedom of Information as a Research Method for Eliciting Data on Looked After Children: Faculty funding.

*2012-13: £5000 Experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic Children in Care: Local Authority.

*I was Principal Investigator (PI) on these grants. On the grants for which I was not PI, I jointly co-ordinated the studies with colleagues.


In addition to numerous national and international conferene presentations, I have published the following:

Academic journal papers

Murray, C. (2013) ‘Young people’s perspectives of being parented in critical situations: Teenage non-offenders and desisters speak out’, Child and Family Social Work.

Murray, C. (2013) ‘Sport in Care: Using Freedom of Information requests to elicit data about looked after children’s involvement in physical activity’, British Journal of Social Work, 43(2): 1-17.

Murray, C. (2012) ‘Young people’s perspectives: The trials and tribulations of going straight’, Criminology & Criminal Justice, 12(1): 25-40.

Murray, C. and Ruch, G. (2011) ‘Anxiety, defences and the primary task in integrated children’s services: Enhancing inter-professional practice’, Journal of Social Work Practice, 25(4): 433-449.

Murray, C. (2010) ‘Researching children’s rights in Rwanda: A hierarchical or parallel model of implementation?’, International Journal of Children’s Rights.

Murray, C. (2010) ‘Conceptualising young people’s strategies of resistance to offending as ‘active resilience’, British Journal of Social Work, 40: 115-132.

Murray, C. (2009) ‘Typologies of young resisters and desisters’, Youth Justice, 9(2), 115-129.

Murray, C. (2006) ‘State intervention and vulnerable children: Implementation revisited’, Journal of Social Policy, 35(2): 211-227.

Murray, C. (2006) ‘Peer led focus groups and young people’, Children and Society, 20: 273-286.

Murray, C. (2005) ‘Young people’s help-seeking: an alternative model’, Childhood, 12(4): 479-494.

Murray, C. (2005) ‘Children and young people’s participation or non-participation in research’, Adoption and Fostering, 29(1):57-66.

Murray, C. and Hallett, C. (2000) `Young people who sexually abuse others’, Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, 22 (3), 245-260.

Murray, C. and Hallett, C. (2000), `Young people’s participation in decisions affecting their welfare’, Childhood, 7, 1:11-25.

Hallett, C. and Murray, C. (1999) `Children’s rights and the Scottish Children’s Hearings system’, International Journal of Children’s Rights, 7: 31-51.

Taylor, C. (1994) `Gender inequality in social work management’, British Journal of Social Work, 24.

Roberts, J. Dempster, H., Taylor, C. & McMillan, B. (1992) ‘The sexual abuse of children by other children and young people’, Child Abuse Review, Vol.5, No.3.

Roberts, J., Dempster, H., Taylor, C., & MacMillan, W. (1991), ‘A study of the frequency of reported child sexual abuse’, Child Abuse Review, Vol.5.

Edited works: contributions

McIvor, G., Murray, C. and Jamieson, J. (2004) ` Is desistance from crime different for girls?’ in R. Immarigeon and S. Maruna (eds) After Crime and Punishment: Ex-Offender Reintegration and Desistance from Crime, London: Willan.

Hallett, C., Murray, C. and Punch, S. (2003) `Negotiating Pathways to Welfare’ in C. Hallett and A. Prout (eds) Hearing the Voices of Children: Social Policy for the 21st Century, Falmer Press.

Murray, C. (1997) `Gender inequality in social work management: cause for pessimism or signs of progress?’ in Keeble, L. and Fisher, M. (eds) Making a Difference: Women and Career Progression in Social Services, NISW: London.

Roberts, J. and Taylor, C. (1993) `Sexually abused children and young people speak out’ in Waterhouse, L. (ed) Child Abuse and Child Abusers, Jessica Kingsley: London.

Taylor, C., Roberts, J., and Dempster, H. (1993) `Child sexual abuse: the child's perspective', in H. Ferguson, R. Gilligan, and R. Torode (Eds.) Surviving Childhood Adversity, Social Studies Press, Trinity College: Dublin.


Murray, C., Phillips, R., Evans, M. and ni Dubtaigh, L. (2002) Family Group Conferences in Scotland, Stirling: University of Stirling.

Jamieson, J., McIvor, G. and Murray, C. (1999) Understanding Offending Among Young People, Edinburgh: Stationery Office.

Research reports

Popham, F., McIvor, G., Brown, A., Eley, S., Malloch, M. Murray, C., Piacentini, L. & Walters, R. (2005) Evaluation of the Hamilton Youth Court Pilot, 2003-2005, Edinburgh: Scottish Executive Social Research.

McIvor, G., Malloch, M., Brown, A., Murray, C., Piacentini, L. & Walters, R. (2004) The Hamilton Sheriff Youth Court Pilot: The First Six Months, Edinburgh: Scottish Executive Social Research.

Murray, C. (2003) The Scottish Children’s Hearings System: the Way Forward for Research, Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration.

Murray, C. and Hallett, C. (2003) Evaluation of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995: Home Supervision, Edinburgh: Scottish Executive.

Fuller, R., Hallett, C., Murray, C. and Punch, S. (2000) Young People and Welfare: Negotiating Pathways, ESRC Award No. L129251016.

Hallett, C. and Murray, C. with Jamieson, J. and Veitch, W. (1998) The Evaluation of Children’s Hearings in Scotland, Edinburgh: Central Research Unit, Scottish Executive.

Murray, C. and Hallett, C. (1998) Reporters’ Decision Making in Respect of Children Who Sexually Abuse Others, (unpublished, confidential) Scottish Executive.

Taylor, C. (1995) Joint Police and Social Work Child Abuse Investigations, Stirling: University of Stirling.

Petch, A., Stalker, K., Taylor, C. and Taylor, J. (1994) Community Care in Scotland: Assessment and Care Management, Stirling: University of Stirling.

Taylor, C. (1993) `An Evaluation of a Multi-disciplinary Project, Assessment of Social Care Needs’, Stirling: University of Stirling.

Roberts, J., Taylor, C., Dempster, H., Bonnar, S., and Smith, C. (1992), Sexually Abused Children and Their Families, Glasgow: Child and Family Trust.

Other publications

McIvor, G., Jamieson, J. and Murray, C. (2000) `Scottish study of gender differences in desistance from crime’, Offender Programs Report (USA), Vol. 4, No. 1.

Hallett, C. and Murray, C. (2000) The Children’s Hearings System: Where Do We Go From Here?, Edinburgh: Scottish Executive.

Hallett, C. and Murray, C. with Jamieson, J. and Veitch, B. (1998) Research Findings No. 25 Deciding in Children’s Interests, Edinburgh: The Scottish Executive Central Research Unit. Internet:

Taylor, C. Gender and Social Work Management (1995) London: Women’s Link, Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work, Issue No.4.

CCETSW (Taylor, C. on writer’s group) (1993) Competence in Child Protection Post Qualification, CCETSW, Scotland.

Taylor, C., Dempster, H., and Roberts, J. (1994), `Speaking Out’, Community Care, March.

Taylor, C. (1993) I'm Glad I Told! Young People Talking About Sexual Abuse, Dundee: Tayside Regional Council.

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