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Mr Oliver Clark-Darby BSc, MSc

Postgraduate Research Student

Mr Oliver Clark-Darby's photo

Oliver is a PhD student currently studying Criminology as part of the division of Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology.

Legibus et armis


BSc Applied Social Sciences: General Pathway

MSc Criminology

Having undertaken a diverse Undergraduate degree, it gave me time to explore the Social Sciences at the University of Southampton to find what I enjoyed doing. With an existing interest in policing, I chose to specialise in Criminology and I subsequently wrote my final dissertation in this area: 'Does becoming an Authorised Firearms Officer in a British Police Service change an officer’s opinions of his/her legitimacy or accountability?'

I then furthered my studies by undertaking a Masters in Criminology, also at the University of Southampton, allowing me to build on areas of research I had started at Undergraduate. Once again, the focus was on policing, and the use of armed police within Great Britain. My dissertation concentrated on the training of armed police: 'An examination of Authorised Firearms Officers in training.'

Research interests

As established by my work at Undergraduate and Masters level, my interests centre on the police use of firearms in Great Britain. Linked to this are core Criminological principles such as Police Legitimacy and Police Accountability.

At PhD level, I hope to explore interactions between armed police and the public in Great Britain, possibly contrasted with interactions seen abroad.

Draft title: Public Interactions with Armed Police in Public Places

Supervisors: Professor Jenny Fleming and Dr Toby Miles-Johnson

Funding: Economic and Social Research Council Doctoral Training Centre (ESRC DTC)

Mr Oliver Clark-Darby
58/4025 Sociology, Social Policy & Applied Social Sciences Social Sciences University of Southampton Southampton SO17 1BJ United Kingdom

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