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The University of Southampton
The Immune Defence Study

The RECUR Programme

Immune Defence

The workstreams of this programme of research are as follows:

Workstream 1 (intervention development): To develop an intervention to support the use of nasal sprays and physical activity/reducing stress to help people get fewer or less severe respiratory infections. Through ‘qualitative’ work, such as interviews with adults who have recurrent infections, we will look to understand the barriers that might prevent them from using nasal sprays or increasing their exercise and managing stress. We will also adapt existing interventions (developed for other conditions) to support adults getting more physically active and reducing stress for those considered to be more at risk of infection.

Workstream 2 (the Immune Defence study): To estimate the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of (a) nasal sprays and (b) brief physical activity and stress management, in preventing and reducing the incidence, severity and duration of respiratory infections (such as colds, sore throats, sinus, chest or ear infections, flu and COVID-19) among people at risk of infection in the COVID pandemic. To help us achieve these ends, we will randomly allocate study participants to receive one of the following four treatments:

a.       A gel-based nasal spray

b.       A liquid-based nasal spray

c.       Internet-based management to increase physical activity support getting more physically active and reducing stress.

d.       Brief advice (Usual Care)

Workstream 3 (health economics): Recurring respiratory infections can cause distress to people and result in costs to society. In this workstream we will look at the health and social care costs of respiratory infections in order to estimate the cost-effectiveness of the treatments as part of the Immune Defence study.

Duration: 01/10/2019 – 30/09/2024


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