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iFAAM: Integrated Approaches to Food Allergen and Allergy Risk Management


Publications are how the results of clinical research are reported to fellow researchers. They are also read by the media, patients organisations, and other interested parties. Therefore it is important that research is written up and published in reputable, well regarded research journals so the findings can help progress knowledge in the field.


Analysing results and writing them up is a time-consuming process and then the time between submitting the findings to a journal and actual publication is often at least a few months This means there is often a delay between finishing a research study and publication. This is understood by the research world but everyone involved in the process works hard to keep the period between analysis to publication as short as possible.

Here is a list of the publications published so far from the results of the EuroPrevall study, but since there are further publications in different stages of the process, this page will be updated regularly when publications are finalised.

A.A.Schoemaker., A.B.Sprikkelmam., K.E.Grimshaw., G.Roberts., L.Grabenhenrich., L.Rosenfeld, S.Siegert., R.Dubakiene, O.Rudzeviciene., M.Reche., A.Fiandor., N.G.Papadopoulos., A.Malamitsi-Puchner., A.Fiocchi., L.Dahdah., S.Th.Sigurdardottir., M.Clausen., A.Stanczyk-Przyluska., K.Zeman., E.N.C.Mills., D.McBride., T.Keil., K.Beyer. Incidence and natural history of challenge- proven cows milk allergy in European children- EuroPrevall birth cohort, Allergy 2015, DOI: 10.1111/all.12630 [Epub ahead of print]

Grimshaw, Kate E.C., Bryant Trevor., Oliver, Erin M., Martin, Jane., Maskell, Joe., Kemp, Terry., Mills, E. Foote, Keith D., Mills, E.M.C., Margetts, Barrie M and Roberts, Graham. Incidence and risk factors for food sensitivity in the UK, 2015, Submitted

Oliver, Erin M., Grimshaw, Kate E.C., Schoemaker, Anna-Fleur., Keil, Thomas., McBride, Dorren., Ragnarsdottir, Hildur S., Trendelenburg, Valerie., Mmananouil, Evie., Reche, Marta., Fiocchi, Alessandro., Fiandor, Ana., Stanczyk-Przyluska, Anna., Wilczynski, Jan., Busacca, Maureo., Sprikkelman, Aline B., Sigurdardottir, Sigurveig T., Dubakiene, Ruta., Rudzeviciene, O., Vlaxos, George D., Beyer, Kirsten., Roberts, Graham. Dietary habits and supplement use in relation to national pregnancy recommendations. Data from the EuroPrevall birth cohort. Maternal & Child Health Journal, 2014 Dec; 18(10): 2408-25

Grimshaw, K.E., Maskell, J., Oliver, E.M., Morris, R.C., Foote, K.D., Mills, E.N., Margetts, B.M. and Roberts, G. Diet and food allergy development during infancy: birth cohort study findings using prospective food diary data. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2014;133(2):511-9

Grimshaw, Kate E.C., Maskell, Joe, Oliver, Erin M., Morris, Ruth C.G., Foote, Keith D., Mills, Clare, Roberts, Graham and Margetts, Barrie M. Introduction of complementary foods and the relationship to food allergy. Pediatrics, 2013 Dec: 132 (6): 1529-38

Grimshaw, K.E., Aksoy, Burca., Parmer, Anna., Jenner, Katherine., Oliver, Erin M., Maskell, Joe., Kemp, Terri., Foote, Keith D., Roberts, Graham C., Ellahi, Basma., Margetts, Barrie M. Prospective food diaries demonstrate breastfeeding characteristics in a UK birth cohort. Mat Child Nutr, 2013 June 18,

McBride, D., Keil, T., Grabenhenrich, L., Dubakiene, R., Drasutiene, G., Fiocchi, A., Dahdah, L., Sprikkelman, A.B., Schoemaker, A.A., Roberts, G., Grimshaw, K., Kowalski, M.L., Stanczyk-Przyluska, A., Sigurdardottir, S., Clausen, M., Papadopoulos, N.G., Mitsias, D., Rosenfeld, L., Reche, M., Pascual, C., Reich, A., Hourihane, J.O'B., Wahn, U., Mills, E.N.C., Mackie, A. and Beyer, K. The EuroPrevall birth cohort study on food allergy: baseline characteristics of 12,000 newborns and their families from nine European countries. Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, 2012; 23, (3)

Keil, T., McBride, D., Grimshaw, K., Niggemann, B., Xepapadaki, P., Zannikos, K., Sigurdardottir, S.T., Clausen, M., Reche, M., Pascual, C., Stanczyk, A.P., Kowalski, M.L., Dubakiene, R., Drasutiene, G., Roberts, G., Schoemaker, A.F.A., Sprikkelman, A.B., Fiocchi, A., Martelli, A., Dufour, S., Hourihane, J., Kulig, M., Wjst, M., Yazdanbakhsh, M., Szépfalusi, Z., Van Ree, R., Willich, S.N., Wahn, U., Mills, E.N.C. and Beyer, K. The multinational birth cohort of EuroPrevall: background, aims and methods. Allergy, 2010; 65, (4), 482-490.

Grimshaw, K.E.C., Allen, K., Edwards, C.A., Beyer, K., Boulay, A., van der Aa, L.B., Sprikkelman, A., Belohlavkova, S., Clausen, M., Dubakiene, R., Duggan, E., Reche, M., Marino, L.V., Nørhede, P., Ogorodova, L., Schoemaker, A., Stanczyk-Przyluska, A., Szepfalusi, Z., Vassilopoulou, E., Veehof, S.H.E., Vlieg-Boerstra, B.J., Wjst, M. and Dubois, A.E.J. Infant feeding and allergy prevention: a review of current knowledge and recommendations: a EuroPrevall state of the art paper. Allergy, 2009; 64, (10), 1407-1416.

The Pifa Study

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