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iFAAM: Integrated Approaches to Food Allergen and Allergy Risk Management

United Kingdom food diary results

Number of food diaries completed
4 Weeks 12 Weeks 16 Weeks 24 Weeks 36 Weeks 52 Weeks
900 797 725 594 410 241

Feeding characteristics

89% of study mothers started breastfeeding with 38.7% exclusively breastfeeding for 1 month; this fell to 24.8% by 4 months and 0.8% by 6 months.

Median breastfeeding length was 20 weeks and median exclusive breastfeeding length was 7 weeks.

The average age of solid introduction was 20 weeks. 37% of study infants had received solids by 17 weeks and by 26 weeks 98% had received solids.

The food most commonly given as a first food was ‘baby rice’ closely followed by carrot, apple and banana

Infant feeding and food allergy development

Detailed analysis of the food diaries for infants diagnosed with food allergy and their two control infants showed that:

UK Results
UK Results
The Pifa Study
The Pifa Study

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