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The University of Southampton
Institute for Life Sciences

Current postgraduate projects

The IfLS has run a sponsored PhD programme since 2012/13.  Funding is offered in open competition to interdisciplinary research teams based at Southampton and high-quality projects are selected.  IfLS-sponsored interdisciplinary projects, students and supervisors are set out below.



  Project titleSupervisor Student  
 Exploring the dynamic contribution of asymmetric cell divisions to the identity and function of mammary stem cells using genetic lineage tracing in vivo and mathematical modelling  Dr Salah Elias (FELS), Dr Philip Greulich (FSS), Prof Ben MacArthur (FSS)  Camilla  Nightingale
 Integration of health informatics: ‘big data’ for clinical translation in paediatric inflammatory bowel disease  Prof Sarah Ennis (FM), Prof Ben MacArthur (FSS), Dr Enrico Mossotto (FM), Prof Mark Beattie (UHS)  Imogen Stafford
 Protein NMR On A Chip  Dr Joern Werner (FELS), Prof Marcel Utz (FEPS)  Marek Plata
 Identifying complex genetic oscillators from single cell data  Dr Reuben Sanchez-Garcia (FSS), Prof Ben MacArthur (FSS)  Michael Casey
 Plant-Microbe interactions in a changing climate  Dr Bjorn Robroek (FELS), Prof Pete Langdon(FELS), Prof Paul Hughes (FELS)  Magdalena Steele
 Recovery of neuronal function and memory in a mouse model of hemorrhagic stroke and first steps in translation of findings from mouse to human.  Dr Mariana Vargas-Caballero (FELS), Dr Ian Galea (FM), Diederik Bulters (UHS)  Hannah Warming
How does autophagy regulate the development of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)? Dr Yihua Wang (FELS), Prof Donna Davies (FM), Dr Rob Ewing (FELS), Dr Mark Glynne Jones (FM) Yilu Zhou




 Project title

The effects of multiple Stressors on bees

Dr Jake Snaddon (FELS),  Prof Suleiman Sharkh (FEPS),

Georgina Hollands
Development and application of powerful methods for identifying selective sweeps in human and chicken genomes

Prof Andrew Collins (FM)Prof Tim Sluckin (FSS), Dr Reuben J Pengelly (FM), Prof Sarah Ennis (FM)

Clare Horscroft
Modulating mechanobiology and blood supply to improve bone strength in Paget`s disease.

Dr Claire Clarkin (FELS)Dr Bram Sengers (FEPS), Dr Philipp Schneider (FEPS)

Alisha Sharma
Physician and surgeon down A Tube: Advanced Optical Fibre Guided Diagnosis and Surgery

Prof Sumeet Mahajan (FEPS), Prof Francesco Poletti (FEPS),
Mr Diederik Bulters (UHS), Dr John Day (University of Bristol)

 Marzanna Szvaj
Acoustic nanobubbles for mechanostimulation and drug delivery in fracture repair

Dr Nicholas Evans (FEPS), Dr Dario Carugo (FEPS), Dr Tracey Newman (FM), Prof Eleanor Stride (IBE, Oxford)

 Sara Ferri
Automated Analysis of Lung Sounds as a Predictor of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP)

Prof Anna Barney (FEPS), Prof Anne Bruton (FELS), Prof Mike Grocott (FM)

 Ravi Pal
Inferring early warning signals of ecosystem collapse at the end of the Eocene greenhouse

Dr Thomas Ezard (FELS), Dr Sandra Nogue-Bosch (FELS), Dr Steven Bohaty (FELS)

 Lorna Kearns
Control of stem cell fate and clonal dynamics

Dr Philip Greulich (FSS), Prof Ben MacArthur (FSS)

 Cristina Parigini
Unravelling the clonal nature of microglial diversity in the brain

Dr Diego Gomez-Nicola (FELS), Dr Matthew Rose-Zerilli (FM),
Dr Jonathan James West (FM)

 Tim Muntslag




Project Title Supervisor Student
Identification and development of inhibitors of the RAS/RAF proteinprotein interaction Prof A Tavassoli (FNES),
Prof Peter Roach (FNES)
Cyrielle Doigneaux 
*** Hilary Marsden IfLS Studentship Award ***
LNA-DNA Chimeras targeting IRES for in vivo manipulation and monitoring of gene
expression for imaging and cancer therapy
Dr E Stulz (FNES),
Dr T Sanchez-Elsner (FM),
Prof G Packham (FM),
Dr M Coldwell (FNES)

Ane Gutierrez Aguirregabiria
*** Hilary Marsden IfLS Studentship Award ***

Modelling tumour-immune system interactions using experimental and mathematical
Prof T Elliott (FM),
Dr B MacArthur (FSHMS)
Joseph Egan
Microbial contribution to phosphorus availability in the rhizosphere Dr M Dumont (FNES),
Prof T Roose (FEE)
Claire Lamb
Focusing the computational microscope on bacterial membranes Dr S Khalid (FNES) 

Alister Boags
Mechanisms of extreme temperature tolerance of reef corals revealed by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy Dr C D'Angelo (FNES),
Dr J Werner (FNES),
Prof J Wiedenmann (FNES)
Cathryn Quick
A novel way to enhance the diagnosis of early stage of colorectal cancer through
micro-computed tomography imaging
Dr P Schneider (FEE),
Dr S Pender (FM),
Prof P Mhandari
Charalambos Rossides
Modelling the effect of empathy and emotion on strategies in two-player games Prof R Hoyle (FSHMS),
Dr H Eisenbarth (FSHMS)
Martina Testori
Working across the Omic scales in high throughput data-drive biology Prof M Niranjan (FPSE),
Dr C Woelk (FM)
Pratheeba Jeyananthan
Toxicity of nanoparticles on lung epithelial cells and pulmonary immune defences Dr J Madsen (FM),
Dr S Mahajan (FNES),
Prof H Clark (FM)
Artur Kirjakulov
Application of STRO-4-immunoreactive human skeletal stem cells for cartilage regeneration Dr R Tare (FM),
Dr X Zhang (FEE),
Prof R Oreffo (FM)
Howard Tribe




Project Title Supervisor Student
Visualising avian bone development: Implications for the palaeobiology of birds Prof R Oreffo (FM),
Dr P Schneider (FEE)
Katherine Williams
Topological Data Fusion - a novel approach for high-dimensional data integration, analysis
and visualisation
Dr R Sanchez-Garcia (FSHMS),
Dr P Skipp (FNES),
Dr B MacArthur (FSHMS),
Dr R Ewing (FNES)
Fabio Strazzeri
Obesity and health over social networks Dr M Brede (FPSE),
Dr A Ianni (FSHMS),
Dr E Mentzakis (FSHMS),
Dr B Neville
Tao Wang
Droplet based portable continuous chemical sensor Dr X Niu (FEE),
Dr D Voegeli (FHS)
Gareth Evans
Development and application of novel fiber-laser sources for stimulated Raman based
cancer diagnostics
Prof D Richardson (FPSE),
Dr S Mahajan (FNES),
Dr J Price (FPSE)
Kzrystof Herdzik
Application of a custom-built acoustofluidic perfusion bioreactor to model differentiation of
human embryonic stem
Dr F Houghton (FM),
Dr R Tare (FM),
Dr P Glynne-Jones (FPSE),
Prof M Hill (FEE)
Lauren Jevons





Project Title Supervisor Student
Time Machines: Investigation of epidermal growth factor receptor autophosphorylation
mechanisms using microfluidic quenched flow analytics
Dr J West (FM),
Prof D Davies (FM),
Dr B MacArthur (FSHMS)
Marios Stavrou
Correlative light, X-ray, and electron microscopy framework for 3D bone imaging at the
cell level across the lifecourse
Dr P Schneider (FEE),
Prof R Oreffo (FM),
Dr K Zygalakis (FSHMS)
Patricia Goggin

Advanced data modelling for Genomic Data

Prof S Ennis (FM),
Dr B MacArthur (FSHMS),
Prof J Brodzki (FSHMS)
Enrico Mossotto 
*** Hilary Marsden IfLS Studentship Award ***
New Mechanisms in the Control of T-Cell activation Dr J Werner (FNES),
Prof T Elliott (FM)
Eva Scherer
Evolution machine: A microfluidic droplet sorter based on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy Dr M Fischlechner (FNES),
Dr S Mahajan (FNES)
William Anderson

Understanding the molecular basis of agonistic and antagonistic action in immunotherapy

Dr I Tews (FNES),
Prof M Cragg (FM),
Prof J Essex (FNES)
Emma Sutton 
*** Hilary Marsden IfLS Studentship Award ***
Are GTGs a new class of anion channels regulating pH in the endomembrane system? Dr L Williams (FNES),
Dr I O'Kelly,
Dr M Terry (FNES)
Adam Dorey
Multimodel label-free imaging for stem cell plasticity and skeletal regeneration Dr S Mahajan (FNES),
Prof R Oreffo (FM),
Dr R Tare (FM)
Catarina Moura
Electrophysiological characterisation of 'internal’ ion channels using giant unilamellar vesicles Dr I O'Kelly,
Dr M de Planque (FPSE),
Prof PJS Smith (FNES)
Eleni Georgiades




Project Title Supervisor Student
Computational modelling of placental nutrient transport for fetal development Dr B Sengers (FEE),
Dr R Lewis (FM)
Simone Perazzolo
Dissecting the embryonic to epiblast stem cell transition using systems approaches Dr B MacArthur (FSHMS),
Dr R Ewing (FNES),
Prof T Fleming (FNES),
Dr N Smyth (FNES)
Styliani Kontogerorgaki
Examining blood vessel structures in bone during development, adulthood and disease
using Synchrotron and Laboratory μCT analysis
Dr C Clarkin (FNES),
Dr P Thurner,
Prof I Sinclair (FEE)
Juan Nunez
How does amyloid beta affect synaptic function: Translating knowledge from mouse to
human neurons
Dr M Vargas-Caballero (FNES),
Prof C Holmes (FM),
Prof V Perry (FNES)
Chrysia-Maria Pegasiou
Microfluidic behavioural assay for learning in C. elegans Dr S Glautier (FSHMS),
Prof V O'Connor (FNES),
Prof L Holden-Dye (FNES),
Prof H Morgan (FPSE)
Samah Zarroug
Clinical and laboratory-based approaches to investigating the development of biofilms in
neonatal nasogastric tubes: implications for morbidity and mortality
Prof B Keevil (FNES),
Dr S Wilks (FNES),
Prof M Fader (FHS),
Dr L Green (FHS)
Christopher Winnard
Deciphering the effect of glycolytic mechanism on the transcriptional response to
hypoxic stress
Prof A Tavassoli (FNES),
Dr J Blaydes (FM)
Mira Kreuzer
Integration of Microfluidic Cell Culture with NMR Spectroscopy for Correlation
Prof M Utz (FNES),
Prof H Morgan (FPSE)
Cara Vallance
Estimating net economic consequences of losing pollination services Dr K Peh (FNES),
Prof S Brailsford (FBL),
Prof G Poppy (FNES)
Fabrizia Ratto

Project Title Supervisor Student
Vibration, motor deficits and the effect of ageing on muscle output Dr E Rustighi (FEE),
Prof P Newland (FNES)
Filip Markiewicz
Ecomorphology and evolution of ichthyosaurs, with emphasis on Liassic taxa of
Southern England
Dr G Dyke (FNES),
Prof B Ganapathisubramani (FEE)
Jessica Lawrence
Design for Alzheimer trials with potentially missing data Dr S Biedermann (FSHMS),
Dr R Mitra (FSHMS),
Prof C Holmes (FM)
Kim Lee
A platform for monitoring skin health Dr A Chipperfield (FEE),
Prof G Clough (FM),
Dr J Tudor (FPSE)
James Coates
Energy resources and adaptation to climate change in rural Africa Dr M Hudson (FEE),
Dr K Schreckenberg (FEE),
Dr F Eigenbrod (FSHMS)
Harriet Smith
Experimental and theoretical investigation of lymphatic fluid flows and
immune responses
Prof B Ganapathisubramani (FEE),
Prof T Roose (FEE),
Prof G Clough (FM)
Laura Cooper
Stem-cell specific targeting of Wnt nanoparticles for tissue repair and regeneration Dr N Evans (FM),
Dr T Newman (FM)
Edoardo Scarpo
Microfluidic systems for temporal resolution of T lymphocyte competition Prof H Morgan (FPSE),
Prof T Elliott (FM)
Faith Bateman
The role of environmental dust from the Middle East in the pathogenesis of
constrictive bronchiolitis
Prof D Davies (FM),
Prof M Palmer (FNES),
Prof D Teagle (FNES),
Dr C Grainge (FM)
Richard Latouche



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