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The University of Southampton
Institute for Life Sciences

BBSRC Excellence with Impact: Focusing in on Nucleic Acids (FioNA)

Published: 30 September 2013
BBSRC Excellence with Impact

The Institute for Life Sciences is taking part in the current BBSRC Excellence with Impact competition 2013-2015.

The competition is designed to promote innovation and delivery in translating world-leading bioscience research into benefits for people economically and socially, by working in partnerships with research organisations to maximise impact.

The IfLS is well placed to be part of this competition with a strategy of interdisciplinary research and cross campus networks. Nucleic Acid research has been identified as a BBSRC funded focus that will benefit from development within this programme, adding a new dimension to our research activities.

The IfLS has put together a FioNA steering group, academics from a range of disciplines and united by their research in nucleic acids to develop the FioNA plan. Research focuses on nucleic acids, their biology, use in devices as well as biomedical and developmental impact. The mission of the project is to

  • Enhance the profile of BBSRC research activities at Southampton
  • Create a new network of researchers focusing in on nucleic acids
  • Develop an expanded portfolio of cross-disciplinary activity
  • Develop a leadership group
  • Create a vision for community, outreach, enterprise and policy development

Prof Peter J S Smith, Director of the Institute for Life Sciences, said “We are delighted to be part of this competition and will use the opportunity to provide a framework to co-ordinate all aspects of the world-leading research in nucleic acids conducted at the University of Southampton.”

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