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IfLS PhD student poster presentation at the Translational Control conference 2018

Published: 26 September 2018
Ane Gutierrez Aguirregabiria
Ane Gutierrez Aguirregabiria

IfLS PhD student Ane Gutierrez Aguirregabiria is working on an interdisciplinary PhD project in conjunction with Chemistry, Biological Sciences and Medicine.

Ane's PhD project is to control gene expression by using modified oligonucleotides with one of the final goals being the treatment of cancer. The project goals include designing and synthesising the oligonucleotides in a chemistry laboratory, studying how they could be utilised to control gene expression in a molecular biology laboratory and examining their therapeutic capability in primary patient samples.

Through IfLS sponsorship she was able to attend and present her research poster at the Translational Control conference in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York, 4th-8th September 2018, one of the biggest conferences in translation.

Ane said "I have been exposed to the most recent advances in technology and methodology in the field, which has provided me with new ideas. I also presented a poster with my most relevant results, which gave me the opportunity to discuss my research with world experts in translation, and provided me new ideas to shape the final year of my PhD."

Photo of Ane Gutierrez Aguirregabiria
This project is a joint study between Chemistry, Biological Sciences and Medicine at the University of Southampton. The interdisciplinary nature of this PhD integrates technologies related to DNA synthesis, gene expression, cell biology and molecular biology. This PhD project will give me the chance to learn different techniques, obtain a wide range of skills and to gain a broad knowledge in different disciplines.
Ane Gutierrez AguirregabiriaHilary Marsden IfLS PhD Student,
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