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Crop Systems Engineering Seminar, Prof Sergey Shabala, University of Tasmania Event

10:00 - 11:00
8 June 2012
Life Sciences Building (85), Room 2207

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Event details

Crop Systems Engineering Seminar: "Quantifying kinetics of ion transport in plant roots by non-invasive microelectrode MIFE technique", Prof Sergey Shabala, University of Tasmania

I will describe the physical principles and theory behind MIFE (non-invasive microelectrode ion flux) measurements and then present a few case studies illustrating applicability of the MIFE technique to study kinetics of ion transport in plant roots. I will show the complex patterns of root nutrient acquisition (ultradian and circadian oscillations; root zone- and tissue-specificity) and link them with root growth, nutation, gravitropism, and plant adaptive responses to environment. I will show how root nutrient acquisition is affected by adverse environmental conditions such as salinity, waterlogging, soil acidity, or nutritional disorders, and provide evidence for roots being able to encode this environmental information by means of ion flux "signatures". I will then link plant stress tolerance with root's ability to control net ion fluxes across their membranes and show that intracellular ion homeostasis is critical for determining cell's fate and is responsible for triggering programmed cell death in plant root tissues.

Speaker information

Professor Sergey Shabala,University of Tasmania, Professor Shabala research expertise is in the area of stress physiology and membrane transport.

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