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The University of Southampton
Institute for Life Sciences

Crop Systems Engineering Seminar Series Event

14 February 2014
Room 3023 Building 7 Highfield Campus

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Alan Marchant on 023 8059 4363 or email .

Event details

"Modelling root vascular pattern"

The vascular tissues form a continuous network providing the long-distance transport of water and nutrients in all higher plants (tracheophytes). To incorporate separate organs (such as lateral roots) into this network, it is essential that the position of different vascular cell types is tightly regulated. Previous research has identified a number of key molecules, including the hormones auxin and cytokinin, various genes and microRNAs that are involved in specifying root vascular pattern. However, understanding how these factors act in consort to determine pattern at the tissue level is non-intuitive and requires a systems approach. In this seminar, I will describe how we are combining mathematical and experimental approaches to understand how pattern is set in root vascular tissues.

Speaker information

Dr Anthony Bishopp,Royal Society University Research Fellow,School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham

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