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The University of Southampton
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IfLS Seminar: "Hearing at low-frequencies" Event

12:00 - 13:00
13 May 2014
Room 3019 Building 7 Highfield Campus

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Event details

Torsten Marquardt, UCL

The large number of low-frequency noise complains demand a better understanding of the auditory mechanisms operational at the lower frequency end of hearing. This seminar reviews past and current research by the presenter, including objective measures of the sound transfer from the ear canal onto the basilar membrane, and an acoustic model thereof, as well as auditory thresholds and equal-loudness contours (ELCs) of individual listeners for the frequency range 4 Hz – 125 Hz. Objective measures, model and ELCs show frequently a resonance feature between 40 and 80 Hz, which is probably caused by an interaction of the basilar membrane stiffness and the inertia of the perilymph oscillating in the helicotrema. This resonance might underlie for the often reported individual differences in sensitivity to low-frequency noise.

***All welcome***

Speaker information

Torsten Marquardt,University College London Ear Institute,Lecturer

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