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IfLS Posters: Global Change: Systems & Cycles

Below is a slideshow of posters from our IfLS Poster Session: Global Change: Systems & Cycles (May 2015). Details of each poster's author(s) can be found in the image caption. To find out more about our upcoming poster sessions, and other related events, please click here.

Slideshow image
Local adaptation constrains the distribution potential of heat tolerant Symbiodinium from the Persian/Arabian Gulf (D'Angelo, C., Hume, B. C. C., & Wiedenmann, J.) corrspondence to: c.d'
Slideshow image
Modelling multidecadal fluvial sediment flux to deltas under future environmental changes. (Dunn, F.) Correspondence to:
Slideshow image
Particle-associated eukaryotic microbial communities: Insights from the eastern tropical north pacific oxygen minimum zone (Duret, M.) correspondence to:
Slideshow image
An advanced experimental mesocosm to simulate longterm effects of climate change on reef corals. (Wiedenmann, J., Reed, A., & D'Angelo, C.) Correspondence to:
Slideshow image
Unearthing multitrophic interactions between soil microbes, plants and herbivorous insects. (O'Brien, F. J. M., Poppy, G. M., Webb, J., & Bardgett, R.) Correspondence to:

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