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The University of Southampton
Institute for Life Sciences

IfLS Poster Session: IfLS Sponsored PhD Students Event

16:00 - 18:00
16 October 2015
Level 7 Observatory, Life Sciences Building (85), Highfield Campus, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ

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Event details

IfLS poster sessions provide an informal networking opportunity for colleagues interested in Life Sciences research. At this session the 2013/14 and 2014/15 cohorts of IfLS sponsored PhD research students are presenting posters.

The following PhD students will be presenting posters:

PhD Student: William Anderson

Supervisors: Dr Martin Fischlechner, Dr Sumeet Mahajan

Project: A microfluidic droplet sorter based on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy


PhD Student: Adam Dorey

Supervisors: Dr Lorraine Williams, Dr Ita O'Kelly, Prof Matthew Terry

Project: Are GTGs a new type of plant anion channel regulating pH in the endomembrane system?


PhD Student: Eleni Georgiades

Supervisors: Dr Maurits de Planque, Prof Peter J Smith, Dr Ita O'Kelly

Project: Characterisation of a new mitochondrial potassium channel


PhD Student: Patricia Goggin

Supervisors: Dr Philipp Schneider, Prof Richard Oreffo, Dr Konstantinos Zygalakis

Project: Correlative light, X-ray, and electron microscopy framework for 3D bone imaging at the cell level across the lifecourse


PhD Student: Liana Kontogeorgaki

Supervisors: Dr Ben MacArthur, Dr Rob Ewing, Dr Konstantinos Zygalakis, Prof Tom Fleming, Dr Neil Smyth

Project: Mathematical Modelling of Stem Cell Fate Decisions during early Embryonic Development


PhD Student: Mira Kreuzer

Supervisors: Prof Ali Tavassoli, Dr Jeremy Blaydes

Project: Deciphering the effect of glycolytic mechanism on the transcriptional response to hypoxic stress


PhD Student: Catarina Moura

Supervisors: Dr Sumeet Mahajan, Prof Richard Oreffo, Dr Rahul Tare

Project: Multimodal label-free imaging for stem cell plasticity and skeletal regeneration


PhD Student: Juan Nunez

Supervisors: Dr Claire Clarkin, Dr Philipp Thurner, Prof Ian Sinclair

Project: Utilising high resolution imaging to interrogate blood vessel and bone cell interactions


PhD Student: Chrysia-Maria Pegasiou

Supervisors: Dr Mariana Vargas-Caballero, Prof Clive Holmes

Project: Translating knowledge from mouse to human: How does amyloid beta affect synaptic function?


PhD Student: Simone Perazzolo

Supervisors: Dr Bram Sengers, Dr Rohan Lewis

Project: Computational modelling of placental nutrient transport for fetal development


PhD Student: Fabrizia Ratto

Supervisors: Dr Kelvin Peh, Prof Guy Poppy, Prof Sally Brailsford

Project: Estimating the net economic consequences of losing pollination services


PhD Student: Marios Stavrou

Supervisors: Dr Jonathan West, Prof Donna Davies, Dr Ben MacArthur

Project: Time Machines: Microfluidic investigation of epidermal growth factor receptor signal transduction mechanisms


PhD Student: David Summers

Supervisors: Dr Stefanie Biedermann, Dr Alan Kimber, Prof Paul Roderick

Project: Informative Censoring in Survival Statistics: New Modelling Approaches to Improve Sensitivity Analysis


PhD Student: Cara Vallance

Supervisors: Prof Marcel Utz, Prof Hywel Morgan

Project: Integration of Microfluidic Cell Culture with NMR Spectroscopy for Correlation Metabolomics


PhD Student: Samah Zarroug

Supervisors: Dr Stephen Glautier, Prof Vincent O'Connor, Prof Lindy Holden-Dye, Prof Hywel Morgan

Project: Associative learning in Caenorhabditis elegans


PhD Student: Emma Sutton

Supervisors: Dr Ivo Tews, Prof. Mark Cragg, Prof. Jonathan Essex, Dr Ann White

Project: Understanding the molecular basis of agonistic and antagonistic receptor activity for immunotherapy.


PhD Student: Eva Scherer

Supervisors: Dr Joern Werner, Prof. Tim Elliot, Dr Andrew Philips, Dr Neil Dalchau

Project: Developing an experimentally validated model of T-cell activation to understand key molecular factors and processes that control adaptive immune responses at the cellular and organism level.


PhD Student: Enrico Mossotto

Supervisors: Dr Sarah Ennis, Dr Ben MacArthur, Prof. Jacek Brodski

Project: Advanced modelling of Genomic Data.

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