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Measuring and modelling: the gateway to the world of human movement Event

Dr Claudia Mazza
14:00 - 15:00
24 March 2016
University of Southampton, Highfield Campus, Building 85, Room 2207.

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Event details

A Bioengineering Seminar Series lecture presented by Dr Claudia Mazzà, INSIGNEO Institute for In-Silico Medicine and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sheffield (UK)


Abstract: Quantitative movement analysis, through measurement and computational modelling, aims at capturing those features, otherwise unperceivable, that characterise the movement of an individual. This allows gaining information on the specific motor functions and on the overall motor strategy adopted by a subject to perform a motor task. This information contributes to the understanding of the key factors that affect internal loading and, thus, injury, tissue degeneration or regeneration, as well as motor control and its adaptation, energy consumption, and fatigue. The aim of this presentation is to provide a picture of the state of the art in the measurement and modelling tools that can be adopted to describe the mechanics of human movement in different contexts, including specialistic labs, clinical settings, and real life scenarios.

Speaker information

Dr Claudia Mazzà,INSIGNEO Institute for In-Silico Medicine & Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sheffield,Claudia received her PhD in Bioengineering in 2004 from the University of Bologna. She carried out her PhD and post-doctoral research activities at the Department of Human Movement Sciences at the University of Rome "Foro Italico", where she was appointed Assistant Professor from 2006 to 2013. She joined the Insigneo Institute for in silico medicine and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield as a Lecturer in Feb 2013. Claudia's research focuses on the biomechanics of human movement and on the definition of experimental and modelling techniques for the clinical assessment of an individual’s locomotor and postural abilities and is currently funded by the European Commission and the EPSRC.

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