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The University of Southampton
Institute for Life Sciences

IfLS Poster Session: Neuroscience Event

Retroviral tracing of new neurons
16:00 - 18:00
13 May 2016
University of Southampton, Building 85, Level 7, Observatory

For more information regarding this event, please email Adam Corres at .

Event details

The Institute for Life Sciences would like to invite you to the next event in our research poster session series. The Southampton Neuroscience Group (SoNG) encourage open submission of posters across their research portfolio. This session is intended to get the ball rolling and will be followed by poster presentations with more targeted themes later in the year. Please indicate an intention to submit a poster by contacting Adam Corres at and stating 'SoNG/IfLS poster' in the e-mail subject header. It would be helpful to also advise the poster size (e.g. A0 portrait), your research group leader, the authors and the poster title.


Image credit: Dr Diego Gomez-Nicola. Image description: Multi-colour retroviral tracing of newborn neurons.

Posters have already been registered by members of research groups from the Institute for Sound and Vibration Research, Clinical and Experimental Sciences, the Centre for Biological Sciences, Psychology, Bioengineering, the Faculty of Medicine, the Institute for Life Sciences, the Optoelectronics Research Centre, Electronics and Computer Science and also by a visiting researcher.

Research groups and authors already registered:

Group leader or supervisor: Dr Diego Gomez-Nicola. Presentation authors: Adrian Olmos-Alonso, Renzo Mancuso, Katie Askew, Juliane Obst & Emilie Simon.

Group leader or supervisors: Dr Katrin Deinhardt & Dr Jonathan West. Presentation authors: Prutha Patel, Grace Hallinan, Dr Jonathan West & Dr Katrin Deinhardt.

Presentation author: Dr Jo Bailey.

Group leader or supervisors: Dr Katrin Deinhardt & Professor Vincent O'Connor. Presentation author: Manuel Dominguez.

Group leader or supervisor: Dr Delphine Boche. Presentation authors: Sonja Rakic, Matthew Smith, Joe Wild, James Nicoll, Seth Love, Clive Holmes, Professor Hugh Perry, William Stewart & Delphine Boche.

Group leader or supervisors: Dr Maurits R.R de Planque, Professor Peter J. Smith & Dr Ita M. O’Kelly. Presentation authors: Eleni Georgiades, Dr Maurits R.R de Planque, Professor Peter J. Smith & Dr Ita M. O’Kelly.

Group leader or supervisor: Dr Herman Wijnen. Presentation authors: Charles Hurdle, Alex Hull, Ines Li Lin, Dr Herman Wijnen, Akanksha Bafna, Miguel Ramirez, Tadahiro Goda & Brandi Sharp.

Group leader or supervisor: Dr Matthew Garner. Presentation authors: Ainsworth, Pinkney, Bamford, Meron, Munafo, Baldwin & Garner.

Group leader or supervisors: Dr Matthew Garner, Dr Julie Hadwin & Professor Simon Liversedge. Presentation authors: Piril Hepsomali, Professor Simon P. Liversedge, Dr Julie A. Hadwin, Federica Degno & Dr Matthew Garner.

Group leader or supervisors: Dr Steven Bell & Dr David Simpson. Presentation author: Giulia Lioi.

Presentation author: Dr Shmma Quraishe.

Group leader or supervisor: Professor Martin Browne. Presentation authors: Berit Zeller-Plumhoff, T. Roose, O. Katsamenis, M. Mavrogordato, C.Torrens, Dr Philipp Schneider & G.F. Clough.

Group leader or supervisors: Dr Steven Bell and Dr David Simpson. Presentation authors: Dr Steven Bell, Dr David Simpson, Dr Frederique Vanheusden, D. Nikolic, D. Bulters, T. Birch, C. Henriquez Berroeta, E. Katsogridakis & R.B. Panerai.

Presentation author: Dr Ben Mills.

Group leaders or supervisors: Professor Lindy Holden-Dye & Professor Vincent O'Connor. Presentation authors: Euan Scott, Matthew Wand, Dr Fernando Calahorro, Lindy Holden-Dye & Vincent O’Connor.

Group leader or supervisor: Dr Mariana Vargas-Caballero. Presentation authors: Chrysia-Maria Pegasiou, Diego Gomez-Nicola, Ardalan Zolnourian, Aminul I. Ahmed, Diederik Bulters, V Hugh Perry, Sarmi Sri, Chrysia-Maria Pegasiou, Abigail C. Cave, David Bannerman & Mariana Vargas-Caballero.

Group leader or supervisor: Dr Amrit Mudher & Professor Chris Proud. Presentation authors: Casey Morris, O Nicholls, M Sealey, J Knight, J Attems, Megan Sealey & Amrit Mudher.

Group leader or supervisor: Dr Jessica Teeling. Presentation authors: Paul Ibbett & Alex Collcutt.

Group leader or supervisor: Dr Bill Brocklesby.

Group leader or supervisor: Professor Hywell Morgan. Presentation authors: Samah Zarroug, Hywel Morgan, Lindy Holden-Dye, Vincent O‘Connor & Steven Glautier.

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