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IfLS Imaging Seminar: "The biomechanics of B cell activation" Event

B cells (blue) recognising antigen
12 July 2017
Room 2207, Life Sciences Building (85), Highfield Campus

Event details

Prof Pavel Tolar, Francis Crick Institute

Abstract:  The generation of protective antibodies depends on the activation and expansion of B cells with the strongest binding of their B cell receptors to foreign antigens. This process starts by formation of B cell immune synapses with antigen-presenting cells, which is followed by B cell extraction of the antigens for endocytosis, processing and presentation to helper T cells. I will describe recent evidence from my lab that mechanical forces in immune synapses regulate B cell antigen extraction and cell activation. In particular, we have developed novel nanosensors that monitor cellular forces during antigen uptake. Live cell imaging of B cell synapses shows that B cells mechanically test antigen binding and that this mechanism works together with the mechanical activity of the antigen presenting cells. Our data thus suggest that specialized biomechanics of immune synapses promotes B cell responses.

*** All Welcome ***

Speaker information

Prof Pavel Tolar,Francis Crick Institute,Group Leader

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