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The University of Southampton
Institute for Life Sciences

IfLS Poster Session: IfLS Sponsored PhD Students  Event

Life Sciences building
16:00 - 18:00
13 October 2017
Level 7 Observatory, Life Sciences Building (85), Highfield Campus, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ

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Event details

IfLS poster sessions provide an informal networking opportunity for colleagues interested in Life Sciences research. At this session the 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17 cohorts of IfLS sponsored PhD research students are presenting posters.

The following PhD students will be presenting posters:

PhD Student: Arthur Kirjakulov

Supervisors: Prof Howard Clark, Dr Jens Madsen, Dr Sumeet Mahajan, Dr Maurits de Planque

Project: Toxity of nanoparticles on lung epithelium cells and pulmonary immune defences


PhD Student: Howard Tribe

Supervisors: Prof Richard OC Oreffo, Dr Rahul Tare, Dr Xunli Zhang

Project: Application of STRO-4 immunoreactive human skeletal stem cells for cartilage regeneration


PhD Student: Lauren Jevons

Supervisors: Dr Peter Glynne-Jones, Prof Martyn Hill, Dr Franchesca Houghton, Dr Rahul Tare

Project: Generating Cartilage from Human Embryonic Stem Cells


PhD Student: Gareth Evans

Supervisors: Dr Xize Niu, Dr David Voegeli

Project: 1. Generation of " Droplet Trains" for continuous and multiple sample or multiple step assays in droplet microfluidics 2. A drop in the ocean: Monitoring of water chemistry using droplet microfluidics          


PhD Student: Charalambos Rossides

Supervisors: Dr Philipp Schneider, Dr Sylvia Pender 

Project: Micro-computed tomography optimised for soft tissues: first steps towards early diagnosis of colorectal cancer


PhD Student: Ane Gutierrez Aguirregabiria

Supervisors: Dr Eugen Stulz, Dr  Mark Coldwell

Project: LNA-DNA chimeras targeting IRES for in vivo manipulation and monitoring of gene expression and cancer therapy


PhD Student: Emma Sutton

Supervisors: Prof Mark Cragg, Prof Jon Essex, Dr. Ivo Tews

Project: Understanding the molecular mechanisms of anti-CD32b monoclonal antibodies


PhD Student: Tao Wang

Supervisors: Dr Antonella Ianni, Dr Markus Brede, Dr Emmanouil Mentzakis

Project: Social Interactions in Online Eating Disorder Communities: A Network Perspective


PhD Student: William Anderson

Supervisors: Prof Sumeet Mahajan

Project: Tuning plasmons layer-by-layer for quantitative colloidal SERS sensing


PhD Student: Adam Dorey

Supervisors:  Dr Ita O`Kelly, Professor MatthewTerry, Dr Lorraine Williams

Project: A role for the Arabidopsis and C.elegans GTG proteins as anion channels


PhD Student: Joseph R Egan

Supervisors: Prof Tim Elliott, Dr Ben D. MacArthur

Project: Mathematical modelling of cancer immunology: Receptor-ligand interactions and T cell signaling


PhD Student: Cathryn Quick

Supervisors: Prof Tim Elliott, Dr Ben D.MacArthur

Project: Mechanisms of extreme temperature tolerance in reef building corals revealed by metabolomics


PhD Student: Enrico Mossotto

Supervisors: Prof Sarah Ennis, Dr Ben MacArthur, Prof Jacek Brodzki 

Project: Classification of Inflammatory Bowel Disease using Machine Learning


PhD Student: Catarina Moura

Supervisors:  Prof Sumeet Mahajan, Prof Richard Oreffo, Dr Rahul Tare

Project: Non-destructive imaging of skeletal repair and regeneration


PhD Student: Kzrystof Herdzik

Supervisors:  Prof Sumeet Mahajan Dr Jonathan Price

Project: tbc


PhD Student: Cyrielle Doigneaux

Supervisors:  Prof Ali Tavassoli

Project: The Effects of Hypoxia on Purine Biosynthesis in Cancer


PhD Student: Jennifer Bramley

Supervisors:  Prof Dan Bader, Dr Alex Dickinson, Dr Peter Worsley

Project: Measuring and Predicting Soft Tissue Strains Following Lower Limb Amputations


PhD Student: Alister Boags

Supervisors:  Prof Syma Khalid

Project: Developing Bacterial Cell Wall Models for MD Simulation


PhD Student: Martina Testory

Supervisors:  Dr Hedwig Eisenbarth, Prof  Rebecca Hoyle

Project: Psychopathic traits and cooperation in presence of facial feedback in an Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma game


PhD Student: Katherine Williams

Supervisors:  Prof Richard Oreffo, Dr Philipp Schneider 

Project: Ageing fossil birds using high-resolution x-ray computed tomography


PhD Student: Fabio Strazzeri

Supervisors: Dr Ben MacArthur, Dr  Rob Ewing, Dr Ruben Sanchez-Garcia, Dr Paul Skipp 

Project: Discrete Morse Theory for networks

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