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Bioengineering Seminar: Fluidics for healthcare and point of care diagnostics  Event

Rbc junction flow
13:00 - 14:00
19 January 2018
Building 85, Room 2207 (L/R/C)

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Event details

Abstract: Many healthcare applications comprise complex, multiphase flows. Blood, for example, is a complex, multiphase fluid comprising predominantly red blood cells (RBCs), suspended in a continuous phase, the plasma. The transport and interaction of these cells in the small vessels of the vasculature determine the shear thinning nature of blood at these scales and are responsible for some unique phenomena in the microcirculation such as plasma skimming; the same phenomena can be utilized in lab on-a-chip devices to separate blood or diagnose disease. In this talk I will demonstrate how coupling microfluidics with advanced flow diagnostics, such as micro-particle image velocimetry (μPIV), allow us to probe RBC suspension flows, in order to gain a detailed understanding of microvascular flows in health and disease and provide a link between microstructure and flow behavior, with a view to develop point of care diagnostic platforms and novel healthcare formulations. Multifaceted experiments of human blood, perfused through microchannel geometries, conducted to elucidate the relationship between haematocrit, velocity and viscosity and quantify the effects of cell deformability and aggregation on the above will be presented. These will be followed by studies demonstrating the engineering of compound microdroplets as potential cell encapsulation/screening platforms for shear sensitive cell applications. The talk will finish with a brief overview of some recent work on cardiovascular flows and oral healthcare formulations.

Speaker information

Professor Stavroula Balabani,University College London,, London, UK,Short Biography. Stavroula Balabani (SB) obtained a Chemical Engineering degree from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA, Greece) and a PhD from King’s College London where she started her academic career. She joined UCL in 2011 where she leads an experimental fluid mechanics group active in researching into complex flow phenomena, and which invariably involve complex fluids. Stavroula has expertise in flow characterisation and in particular the application of laser based diagnostics to study transport phenomena, both at the macroscale and microscale, and with applications ranging from process engineering to haemodynamics. Her current research interests evolve around energy, healthcare and manufacturing and in particular the study of fluid structure interaction, microscale technologies for energy recovery and diagnostics, cardiovascular and complex suspension flows. She has received funding from EPSRC, EU, Innovate UK and charities and her research has appeared in prestigious fluid mechanics journals. Stavroula is a member of the EPSRC Associate College, a Fellow of IChemE and an Associate Editor for ASME Journal of Engineering and Science in Medical Diagnostics and Therapy.

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