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Crop Systems Engineering Seminar Event

Crop Systems Engineering Seminar
11 May 2018
Building 05, Room 2011, Highfield Campus

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Event details

John Doonan, National Plant Phenomics Centre, Aberystwyth University. “Image-based measurement of plant performance at the National Plant Phenomics Centre”

Summary:  High-throughput genomics has revolutionised biology, enabling us to reveal the underlying genetic variation between individuals in large populations at ever reducing cost.  Relating this genetic variation to the physical and physiological variation remains slow and expensive: a problem often referred to as the genotype to phenotype bottleneck. Phenomics seeks to provide solutions to this problem, integrating engineering and diverse imaging technologies with molecular genetic approaches to allow repeated measurements across the lifecycle of whole populations.  The talk will discuss the development of Phenomics, including adapting technologies such as  microCT scanning, using examples from crop breeding and ecology.




Speaker information

Professor John Doonan,Aberystwyth University,.

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