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Bioengineering Seminar: "Rock-Forming Microbes – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" Event

8 June 2018
Room 1083, Building 6 (Nuffield Theatre), Highfield Campus

For more information regarding this event, please email Dr Dario Carugo at .

Event details

Professor Robin Gerlach, Center for Biofilm Engineering and Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Montana State University, USA

Abstract:  In this lecture, Dr. Robin Gerlach, a Professor in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the Center for Biofilm Engineering (CBE) at Montana State University-Bozeman (USA), will provide insights into the actions and results of mineral-precipitating and mineral-dissolving microbes. These microbes happen to be all around and within us; and depending on the circumstances they can be used for benefit or cause damage. ‘Rock-Forming Microbes – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ will take a look at microbes involved in diverse fields such as cement production, art, environmental remediation, building damage, corrosion and kidney stone formation.

Info speaker: Dr. Gerlach and collaborators are trying to harness the Beauty of and control the Beast within these diverse microbes. Controlling the actions of these microbes provides an opportunity to develop novel building materials, stabilize building foundations and dams, seal leaking wells, control radioactive wastes, create pieces of art, and improve the treatment and prevention of kidney stones.


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