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The University of Southampton
Institute for Life Sciences

IfLS Poster Session: IfLS Sponsored PhD Students Event

Life Sciences Building
16:00 - 18:00
19 October 2018
Level 7 Observatory, Life Sciences Building (85), Highfield Campus, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ

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Event details

IfLS poster sessions provide an informal networking opportunity for colleagues interested in Life Sciences research. At this session the 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 cohorts of IfLS sponsored PhD research students are presenting posters.

The following PhD students will be presenting posters:


PhD Student: Ane Gutierrez Aguirregabiria

Supervisors: Dr Mark Coldwell and Dr Eugen Stulz

Project: Using chimeric oligonucleotides to modify mRNA 5’ UTR structures and control gene expression


PhD Student: Alister Boags

Supervisors: Prof Syma Khalid

Project: Focusing the computational microscope on bacterial membranes


PhD Student: Jennifer Bramley

Supervisors: Dr Alex Dickinson, Dr Peter Worsley and Prof Dan Bader 

Project: A measurement array to assess tissue damage potential in prosthetic limb use


PhD Student: Gianluca Cidonio

Supervisors: Dr Shoufeng Yang and Prof Richard OC Oreffo

Project: Free-directional printing of novel nanocomposite into self-healing support hydrogel for skeletal biofabrication


PhD Student: Cyrielle Doigneaux

Supervisors: Prof Ali Tavassoli

Project: The Effects of Hypoxia on Purine Biosynthesis in Cancer


PhD Student: Joseph Egan

Supervisors: Prof Tim Elliott and Prof Ben MacArthur 

Project: Mathematical modelling of cancer immunology: Receptor-ligand interactions and T cell signalling


PhD Student: Gareth Evans

Supervisors: Dr Xize Niu 

Project: Droplet Microfluidics for continuous chemical monitoring


PhD Student: Michael Glinka

Supervisors: Prof Richard OC Oreffo, Dr Rahul Tare, Prof Mark Bradley and Dr Shoufeng Yang

Project: Enhancing Bone Repair by Incorporation of Innovative Nanoparticles Containing Osteogenic Factors in Gelatin Methacryloyl Hydrogel Scaffolds 


PhD Student: Georgina Hollands

Supervisors: Dr Jake Snaddon and Prof Suleiman Sharkh

Project: Microclimatic Edge Effects of Linear Clearings on Neotropical Forest Understory, in Belize


PhD Student: Claire Horscroft

Supervisors: Prof Andrew Collins

Project: Sequencing-era methods for identifying signatures of selection in the genome


PhD Student: Lorna Kearns

Supervisors: Dr Tom Ezard

Project: Inferring early warning signals for ecosystem collapse at the end of the Eocene greenhouse


PhD Student: Tim A.O. Muntslag

Supervisors: Dr Diego Gomez-Nicola 

Project: Unravelling the clonal nature of microglial diversity in the CNS


PhD Student: Ravi Pal

Supervisors: Prof Anna Barney, Prof Anne Bruton, and Prof Mike Grocott 

Project: Automated Analysis of Lung Sounds as a Predictor of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP)


PhD Student: Cristina Parigini

Supervisors: Dr Philip Greulich and Prof Ben MacArthur

Project: Mathematical modeling of cell fate dynamics in homeostasis


PhD Student: Harry Rossides

Supervisors: Dr Sylvia L.F. Pender and Dr Philipp Schneider 

Project: Soft tissue-optimised micro-computed tomographic imaging for the study of early stages of colorectal cancer


PhD Student: Alisha Sharma

Supervisors: Dr Claire Clarkin, Dr Bram Sengers, Dr Philipp Schneider 

Project: Assessing the vascular phenotype of the P394L Pagetic mouse 


PhD Student: Howard Tribe

Supervisors: Dr Rahul Tare, Prof Richard Oreffo and Prof Xunli Zhang

Project: The identification of progenitor cells within human articular cartilage





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