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Research project: Activity dependent control of adult neural hippocampal stem cells in 3D cell culture

Currently Active: 

Neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus is necessary for hippocampal dependent learning and mood control, and there is strong evidence that increased neurogenesis is an important mechanism by which antidepressants elevate mood.

The mechanisms by which neural activity controls neurogenesis are unknown and this is major challenge for neuroscience research. Degenerative diseases of the brain and hippocampus, especially chronic epilepsy and Alzheimer’s which have loss of dentate interneurons, show impaired hippocampal dependant learning and are associated with the development of depression. The imaging techniques in this project build upon those developed in invertebrate preparations. This work is being carried out in collaboration with Prof Liam Gray (School of Medicine) and Prof George Attard (School of Chemistry).

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