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Research project: In-Vivo Imaging of Soil, Roots and Root Hairs for Improved Understanding of Phosphate Uptake by Plants

Currently Active: 

X-Ray Computed Tomography imaging approaches are being used to visualise the interactions between plant root systems and the surrounding soil particles to allow accurate modelling of phosphate uptake.  

Phosphate is an essential macronutrient taken up from the soil by plant roots. Agricultural land often requires application of phosphate fertilisers to maximise productivity, yet the application of these fertilisers can be inefficient with a substantial proportion of the phosphate applied not being utilised by the plant. X-Ray Computed Tomography imaging is being used to visualise plant root systems growing in situ in soil together with the surrounding soil particles in order to gain an improved understanding about the physical interactions that occur between them. Increased understanding of the interaction between roots and the soil particles will allow improved models for phosphate uptake to be developed. This will in turn provide the potential to improve the phosphate uptake properties of crop plants.

Funding: University of Southampton funded studentship, Engineering Sciences and Biological Sciences.  1/10/11 - 30/09/13


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