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Human Nexus

The Human Nexus is a novel and exciting collaboration from the University of Southampton that exemplifies the distinctiveness of our interdisciplinary expertise. It is a uniquely 21st century global challenge, drawing together data sets from biomedical or environmental sources with cutting edge developments framed around the semantic web and Web Observatory , modelling and high end computing.

Neuronal progenitors and neurons derived in vitro from mouse embryonic stem cells
Image: MacArthur & Stumpf

This is a unique approach from the University of Southampton with a collaborative interdisciplinary strategy evolving around the Institute for Life Sciences, the Web Science Institute, and Southampton Centre for Biomedical Research.


Under the Human Nexus challenge we aim to understand whether our global position is the sum of individuals or whether complex social networks, adapting to change in communities, or the environment, have drivers of their own. We aim to integrate complex data sets into a holistic structure defined by the Human Nexus and taking into account:



We aim to integrate knowledge elements of research into one system, bridging small systems (e.g. cell signalling), intermediate systems (e.g. healthy and diseased humans) and large systems (e.g. society and environment). The tools and analytics developed in this project will have broad application, but not just to disease states, such as cancer and diabetes, but also to environmental factors and climate change.

Themes within this grand challenge include:

Computational Science & Engineering

Quantitative Biology

Web Science


EPSRC sponsored programme: Joining the Dots
EPSRC sponsored programme: Joining the Dots

Human Nexus

Prof Peter J.S Smith gives an overview of the Human Nexus theme

Human Nexus

Data Science Symposium 2016

Keynote speakers highlight Data Science Symposium topics

Data Science

Related Staff Member

In a world where we have access to huge quantities of data and complex information, including social media, researchers in the Human Nexus seek to harness this dynamism in a unique way that will benefit clinical research

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