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Web Science: Data Extraction & Social Context

Web observatories for life sciences.

Image provided by Dr Tiropanis
Image provided by Dr Tiropanis

The Web Observatory project aims to provide a global distributed resource that will enable the members of the Web Science community to discover and use relevant datasets, methods and analytic tools. A bottom-up approach is engaged to that end; it involves the cataloguing of such resources across domains maintained by different research communities and developing technologies for harmonized access to those resources to support analytics on a global distributed scale. With Web Observatory technologies researchers and in particular our students will have access to additional datasets and to analytic and visualization tools. They will be able to contribute and add further value to those already existing.

A number of Web Observatory portals to study Web Science have recently been emerging; the University of Southampton is developing a Web Observatory portal and infrastructure to enable the harvesting, hosting and cataloguing of datasets and analytic applications for Web Science research. This technology can be further extended to foster interdisciplinary collaboration in the scope of the Human Nexus project with access to biological research resources.

The objectives of this research theme include:

  • To explore the challenges of describing data and analytic resources in ways that are meaningful for interdisciplinary research in the Human Nexus project and to experiment with components that will enable the discovery of such resources by researchers from different disciplines.
  • To provide methodologies and analytic applications, which, making use of available resources and Web Observatory technologies, will provide insights on one or more of the specific aspects of the Human Nexus project.
  • To engage with communities of researchers in the Human Nexus project and with those involved in the Institute for Life Sciences, Web Science Institute and the Southampton Centre for Biomedical Research (SCBR) to better understand the challenges of empowering researchers in all the corresponding domains with access to data and analytic resources.

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Image supplied by Dr Tiropanis
Image supplied by Dr Tiropanis

The SOCIAM (Social Machines) project – is performing research into pioneering methods of supporting purposeful human interaction on the World Wide Web, of the kind exemplified by phenomena such as Wikipedia and Galaxy Zoo. These collaborations are empowering, as communities identify and solve their own problems, harnessing their commitment, local knowledge and embedded skills, without having to rely on remote experts or governments.

VOICE is a virtual business incubator for startups. Its uniqueness is that it is globally accessible around the clock, open to anyone with an interesting idea, unlimited in space, open and practically boundless in providing services, information and practical guidance, in contrast to the traditional – physical – incubators. Based on the very core idea and possibilities of the “crowd” and crowd-based services, VOICE builds upon the knowledge and expertise of its global community: users, entrepreneurs, companies and policy stakeholders that share their ideas, experience and innovations with entrepreneurs from all around the world.

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