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Life Technologies

The University of Southampton has key areas of excellence that are translatable to medical practice and pathways to health. Such strengths are particularly evident in the Life Technologies within engineering, computer science, health sciences and physical sciences. They encompass a wide range of biomedical device expertise, rehabilitation and assistive technologies and an array of science and engineering techniques, ideas, inventions and developments.

Life Technologies
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The aim of the Life Technologies challenge is to focus on the integration of biomedical and health challenges with engineering and physical science solutions. In particular, how our life technologies help to solve clinical and medical problems through interdisciplinary collaboration between University Faculties and the University Hospital Southampton Trust (UHST). This aspiration also aligns with the strategy of the Clinical Research Facility in the UHST to look to the wider University of Southampton environment and UK SMEs to host “translational gap” filling studies of new technologies developed in University laboratories and industry.


Ultimately, we hope to deliver patient benefit through our work in interdisciplinary teams targeting scientific and engineering developments in life technologies. Examples of ongoing impact include unique hip replacements, improved cochlear implants, stroke recovery technology, non-invasive tests for fibrosis severity in chronic liver disease and the treatment of respiratory diseases. Future potential impact is emerging in the design of biodegradable coronary stents and microfluidic devices for antibiotic resistance tests, monitoring mobility of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, low-cost, paper-based diagnostics to be used by non-specialist staff, the production of intelligent medical gas cylinders and the prevention of biofilms on urinary catheters.

 The following webpages link to research groups working within life technologies across the wider University.



FortisNet works at the interface between engineering and the life sciences

Microfluidic Device


Analysing molecules & single cells with extreme precision

Nano Group

Nano Group

Fabrication and engineering from the micro- to the nanometre scale for novel devices

3T research MRI scanner

MRI Research Facility

High specification 3T MRI capabilities to support university research across all faculties – in vivo, whole body imaging, in patients and healthy volunteers.

Life Technologies

Prof Neil Bressloff gives an overview of the Life Technologies theme

Life Technologies

Imaging at Southampton

An overview of the large palette of state-of-the-art facilities and novel technologies at Southampton for imaging

Imaging at Southampton

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Significant 'untapped potential’ exists for Life Technologies particularly at the interface to New Pathways to Health. We hope to expand interdisciplinary collaboration at the interface between these Grand Challenges wherein clinicians and clinical and laboratory scientists work more closely with physical scientists and engineers. It is our aspiration to dissolve the boundaries that exist between technological solutions and clinical and medical problems, facilitating translation to health practice and enterprise.

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