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The University of Southampton
Interdisciplinary Centre for Law, Internet and Culture (iCLIC)

Institute members

iCLIC members are experts in all aspects of Internet and telecommunications law. We carry out cutting-edge research in many areas.

Members  Research Interests
Professor Uta Kohl - Director of iCLIC Uta is interested in global and cross-disciplinary governance issues raised by the emergence of the internet and the datafication and algorithmic ordering of social relations, and has examined these through legal and socio-legal perspectives, with particular focus on jurisdiction in private and public international law, intermediary liability, free speech and privacy and
Professor Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon Sophie is interested in the legal and ethical implications of data-driven practices, including practices leveraging AI and machine learning techniques. She has a particular interest in how law and ethics can frame behaviour within data science environments and how requirements can be operationalised with the support of legal technology.  
Dr Stephanie Law Stephanie is interested in the legal and social science implications of new and emerging technologies, particularly in the fields of consumer and data protection, as well as asylum and migration. She has a particular interest in the relationship between access to justice and the rules of civil and administrative procedure, from both an EU and international law perspective.
Dr Remigius Nwabueze Remi is interested in the applications of biotechnology and biomedical technology on dead bodies and separated parts of the human body and how, if at all, law and ethics respond, and should respond, to such applications.
Dr Jacob Eisler Jacob is interested in the social science implications of the digital world, particularly how philosophy and political theory can be applied to characterize and critique transformative technology. He has a particular interest in AI ethics and its limits.
Dr Hedvig Schmidt With an expertise in competition law and intellectual property rights, Hedvig has a strong research interest in the digital economy markets, the internet, data protection and how these impact innovation and consumer welfare.  
Dr Holly Hancock Holly’s research interests focus on the privacy aspects of technology, and the impact of social media, particularly in a society in which individuals seem increasingly willing to share information about themselves.



iCLIC academics produce books, edit academic journals and write journal articles covering all aspects of IT and intellectual property law.

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