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ILAWS lecturer addresses top-level meeting

Published: 10 June 2013
OSC conference

Lecturer in Cyber-Security Law at ILAWS Micheál O’ Floinn has addressed a conference organised by the Office of Surveillance Commissioners (OSC)*, which oversees covert surveillance in the UK.

It was attended by leading figures involved in the regulation of UK surveillance, as well as the Chief Inspector of the Interception of Communications Commission, and Law Commissioner and Professor David Ormerod.

Micheál was invited to speak about his previous publications in the Criminal Law Review (co-authored with Professor Ormerod), on social networking sites and criminal investigations. He addressed the privacy implications of such covert investigations, the appropriate legal authorisations for specific forms of conduct, recent cases, such as the Supreme Court’s decision in Kinloch, and further developments in the field.

*The OSC provides oversight of the conduct of covert surveillance and covert human intelligence sources by public authorities in accordance with: the Police Act 1997, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Scotland) Act 2000.

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