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The University of Southampton
Interdisciplinary Centre for Law, Internet and Culture (iCLIC)

Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security

ILAWS is a partner in the University of Southampton's Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security. The Centre opened in 2012 and focuses on the security of the cyber space from all digital and human threats whether malicious or not.  We are interested in issues surrounding  security, protection and privacy.

The Centre of Excellence status was awarded by GCHQ as part of the Government's national cyber security strategy.  This recognition is made in partnership with Research Council UK's Global Uncertainties Programme, and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills; the Centre is one of only eight in the UK.

The team is led by Professor Vladimiro Sassone, leading figure within the Web and Internet Science group in ECS.  The Centre, however, draws expertise from across the University, including Mathematics, Management, and Psychology.

We can respond to the need to help UK government, business and consumers become more resilient to cyber attack.  In addition, we can respond to issues of privacy, trust and anonymity alongside social, ethical and legal responsibilities. Together, these address our need for security, efficiency and ownership around our own personal privacy.

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