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Community of Education Practice (CoP)

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Community of Practice
Share ideas, reflect and collaborate on transforming education

Working together to provide the highest levels of education excellence.

The Community of Education Practice (CoP) is a growing network of staff from across the University, who are passionate about education excellence and innovation. They come together to share good practice; collaborate; learn new skills; celebrate achievement, debate issues and participate in pedagogic research, thus driving forward the delivery of the highest quality of education through a culture of collegiality and continuous professional development.

Membership is open to all staff. Activities of the Community include:


The CoP organises an annual programme of events in support of Education Excellence. These range from national conferences to internal seminar series and keynote speaker events. View the current calendar of events.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special interest groups (SIGs), bring together staff from across the University to look in more depth at a specific area of Education excellence or innovation, or to develop their skills in a particular area.   Find out more ...

Specialist Mentoring

ILIaD offers academics the opportunity to be mentored by an experienced education focussed mentor. Your mentor will provide support and guidance on enhancing one or more aspect of your education practice, or applying for a higher level of HEA fellowship. Alternatively as an experienced educator with a desire to share good practice, you may be willing to act as a mentor. Find out more...

The community newsletter and blog

The community newsletter is issued at the end of each month.

As well as opportunities to meet and share good practice, academics are encouraged to follow and contribute to the community blog. This blog is in its infancy at present, but is hoped to become a source of inspiration and support for education focussed staff. Subscribe to blog here.

Membership levels

There are three membership levels of the community, Affiliate, Associate and Fellow.

Affiliate members: All staff interested in education excellence are welcome to join the community as an affiliate member. If you are participating in PGCAP you will automatically be made an affiliate. Sign up now

Associate members: If you are actively participating in education innovation or enhancement activities, sharing good practice and championing education enhancement with colleagues and/or undertaking related research, you may wish to apply to be recognised as an ILIaD Associate member.

Fellows: Fellowships are awarded by the ILIaD Fellowship panel, Led by the Vice-President Education to those who:

Current Fellows are:


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