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CoP Specialist Mentoring

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CoP mentoring scheme
Specialist mentoring for educators

The Community of Practice is all about sharing educational good practice and supporting ourselves and each other to achieve educational excellence and drive educational transformation. As a member of the CoP you may wish to partner up with an education focussed mentor to provide support and guidance on enhancing a particular aspect of your education practice, or apply for a higher level of HEA fellowship.

Alternatively as a experienced colleague with a desire to share good practice, you may be willing to act as a mentor. For quality assurance purposes, all staff volunteering as mentors will be asked to attend a half-day mentoring skills workshop.

‘I have experienced both sides of the mentoring relationship. As a mentee, I have found it an invaluable source of support and advice for all aspects that relate to my working life. It helps me to reflect and to bounce solution ideas with someone independent and more experienced. As a mentor, I find I grow in my work practice through my mentoring relationships and it can be very rewarding passing on my knowledge and experience, and supporting colleagues on their journeys.’ Dr Judith Holloway, PFHEA, Programme Leader of MSc Allergy, Director of PGT Programmes. CoP mentor

 ‘Teaching and supporting students well through their university careers is incredibly rewarding, yet is also challenging and frequently rather daunting. The opportunity to bounce ideas off similarly passionate colleagues and discuss successes and failures is important in the development of our university teaching careers. The new mentoring scheme will give everyone involved in education, whether new to teaching or an experienced practitioner, a chance to work in partnership with mentors and to learn from each other.’ Simon Kemp, Principal Teaching Fellow in Engineering and the Environment , CoP mentor

Please note: Acting as a CoP mentor is recognised as a contribution to leadership, management and engagement activity, in the ERE career pathways.

Interested in being a mentor:

We are currently welcoming mentors in a broad range of areas including:

Assessment, Blended and flipped learning, Curriculum design, External examining, Gaining a higher level of HEA fellowship, Giving feedback, Improving your teaching skills (all areas), Managing teaching teams, Module Design, Organising field trips, Pastoral support, Personal tutoring, Programme Design and management, Supervising Doctoral Researchers and Supervising projects.

If you wish to sign up as a mentor, you can do so now. If you are unsure but would like to find out more, please come to the half day workshop to see what you think. Attending the workshop places you under no obligation to sign up. Current mentors who would like to attend on a refresher basis are also welcome to attend. Dates and venues for workshops can be found on the professional development workshop calendar.

I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone just about to start mentoring for the first time, or as a refresher if you are due to start with a new mentee after not having mentored for a while. The session was very useful, I thought Anna Sheather was an excellent facilitator and answered the wide range of questions from the participants expertly and helpfully. Veronica Hollis, Teaching Fellow for MSc Allergy

Interested in being mentored:

If you wish to sign up as a mentee, you can do so now.

(please note: PGCAP mentoring is outside the scope of this scheme, if you are a participant of PGCAP seeking a mentor, please visit the main PGCAP site.)

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This interest group for mentors has been set up to develop good mentoring practice across the University through sharing experiences, learning together and developing our practice. Our aim is to cultivate a mentoring culture which is truly valued by our organisation and its people. All mentors are welcome to join.  For more information, please contact Pam Morgan, ILIaD Mentoring Lead at   or see the MentoringSIG page.

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