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Using Technology to Enhance Learning (TEL)

We live in a connected world surrounded by ubiquitous networked and mobile technology. The question is not whether we should use these technologies to support learning, but how we can do so most effectively. We now have a set of tools and resources that can be used to create an educational experience that blends the best of both face-to-face and online activities, and that opens up new possibilities.

For example, Adobe Connect can be used to collapse distance and facilitate live collaborative sessions with students and experts in other countries. BoB National make it possible to easily use TV and radio clips as learning resources. Panopto enables tutors to easily create and share video, from recorded lectures to personal feedback on a thesis draft to a student on placement. And in-class online voting can be used to provide immediate feedback to students (and their teacher) on their progress. It's not all about creating multimedia resources - although if that is what is needed, Articulate Storyline is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool.

Take a look at some of the blended learning activities already taking place at the University and HEA case studies from across the sector. Remember that our Learning Designers and Media Specialists can advise and support you as you move from idea to implementation and evaluation.

Take a look at some of the blended learning activities already taking place at the University. Remember that our Learning Designners and Media Specialists can advise and support you as you move from idea to implementation and evaluation.

Digital Lecture

Blended Learning

Blended learning is a teaching approach in which a student learns in part through delivery of content and instruction via digital and online media with some element of student control over time, place, or pace.

A Student Response System in use

Enhancing large lectures

Technologies and techniques such as Student Response Systems that can be used to enhance face-to-face sessions.    

Photo of badges

Open Badges

A badge is a digital representation of a skill, learning achievement or experience.



Podcasting offers the opportunity to combine teaching, learning, research and storytelling. We want to nurture and grow our own small Southampton podcasting community and invite new voices to tell their stories and engage audiences.

Virtual Learning Environments

Revitalising your VLE

Are your modules supported by dynamic online learning spaces that allow you to do more with your face to face teaching? Would you like to redesign or increase engagement with your modules?  

Take a look at some of the tools used within the University

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect enables you to have an online meeting or webinar with up to 50 participants using a secure service hosted by the University.

Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline is used to create sophisticated interactive multimedia training and education packages.



ePortfolios enable students to collect and share digital items as evidence of their learning and experience.

HEA Resource: TEL toolkit

HEA Resource: TEL toolkit

A range of resources to help enhance your teaching practice and to improve student learning outcomes.



Panopto is the institutional ‘lecture capture’ system which can be used to create all kinds of video resources.

Other tools

Other Tools

Other apps and systems being used with success by colleagues from around the University.


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