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Insurance Law Research Group

ILRG members attend ABI Insurance Fraud Conference

Published: 17 September 2014

Professor James Davey and Katie Richards of the Insurance Law Research Group attended the ABI Conference on Insurance Fraud held on 17 September 2014.

 Three themes emerged from the presentations and subsequent discussions:

1. The division between organised, planned insurance fraud (primarily, cash for crash in motor insurance) and the opportunistic, unplanned frauds in household and other insurances.

2. The growing use of ‘big data’ to find and evidence insurance fraud. This ranged from industry funded projects to share insurance data (the Insurance Fraud Register) to consumer generated profiles (MyLicence) and on to public/private partnerships (the Cabinet Office project for a Counter Fraud Checking Service to share data from industry and governmental departments such as benefits and tax data). The use of this kind of data creates considerable legal issues from data protection and ‘rehabilitation of offenders’ legislation and is generally not covered in detail in the insurance literature.

3. The possible use of ‘behavioural economics’ to prevent insurance fraud by ‘nudging’ potentially  opportunistic fraudsters towards honesty. Experimental data on this was discussed briefly by strategists seeking to influence the design of policies and claims forms.

These showed the need for further interdisciplinary work on insurance fraud embracing aspects of law, psychology, criminology and the use of ‘big data’.

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