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The University of Southampton
Insurance Law Research Group


A number of people at Southampton have insurance law as their primary research interest, or as an additional research interest, or are interested in the interrelationship between insurance law and their own field of research. Our other interests are as diverse as finance, shipping, health care and the environment. Below are the names of postgraduate researchers, dedicated research staff, teaching staff and external members from both within and outside the University in alphabetical order.


Name Position
James Davey Professor of Insurance Law, Director, ILRG
Johanna Hjalmarsson Associate Professor, Director, ILRG
Meixian Song Lecturer in Law
Robert Veal Postgraduate researcher
Debo Awofeso Postgraduate researcher
Erengul Dodd Lecturer in Actuarial Mathematics
Alasdair Marshall Lecturer in Risk Management
Wassim Dbouk Postgraduate researcher
John Dunt Visiting senior fellow
Paul N Todd Professor
Jonathan Goodliffe External member
Francis Rose Professor
Katie Richards Lecturer in law, External member
Robert Merkin QC Professor, External member



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