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Insurance fraud

The law of insurance fraud has undergone major developments in relatively recent times. The Insurance Act 2015, the Supreme Court precedent in The DC Merwestone and the Insurance Fraud Task Force report were all products of 2016.

Professor James Davey was an invited member of the Insurance Fraud Task Force, a government Task Force which produced its report in early 2016, with recommendations on how to tackle insurance fraud. His article on insurance fraud in LMCLQ, co-authored with Katie Richards, was cited extensively in argument in the Supreme Court in The DC Merwestone.

The Supreme Court hearing in that case inspired ILRG to arrange a symposium, inviting Professors Jay Feinman, Adam Scales and Rick Swedloff from Rutgers University in the USA for a day of discussions of what the law of insurance fraud is, and should be, in light of developments such as big data.

The repercussions from the developments in 2016 continue to be analysed. In 2020, Professor James Davey published the article 'A smart(er) approach to insurance fraud' in Connecticut Insurance Law Journal

Dr Johanna Hjalmarsson analysed the use of contempt of court against insurance fraud in an article published in Civil Justice Quarterly in 2020.

For a list of publications related to insurance fraud, please visit the profiles of Professor James Davey and Dr Johanna Hjalmarrson.

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