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The University of Southampton
Computationally Intensive Imaging

Dr Andrew Shevchuk PhD

Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Life Sciences and Research Career Track Lecturer, Optoelectronics Research Centre

Dr Andrew Shevchuk's photo

Dr Andrew Shevchuk is part of the Institute for Life Sciences at the University of Southampton.

Multifunctional scanning probe microscopy for bio applications.

 2000 - M.Sc. in Computer Science. Dept. of specialized computer systems, Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, National Technical University of Ukraine

2003 - Ph.D. in Biophysics, Medical Physics and Bioengineering. Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London

2003 - 2012 Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Imperial College London

Research interests

My research is primarily focused on the design, development and application of Ion Conductance Microscopy in combination with other scanning probe and live imaging techniques to a wide range of biological studies. I introduce latest technological advances to ion conductance microscopy and push its performance to the limits aiming to create powerful and versatile technique that can answer questions currently unaddressable by other methods. Recent improvements in resolving power and imaging rate have played a pivotal role and made it possible to directly image endocytosis in living cells. This now opens a possibility for detailed studies of such important process as receptor cycling, drug delivery and infection.


Self-funded students (full-time PhD only) are welcome if they are interested in either Scanning Probe Microscopy (SICM, SECM), programming of control systems, electrochemistry, biophysics, live cell imaging, cell membrane transport, cell and molecular biology.

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      8.   Dutta, A.K., Y.E.Korchev, A.I.Shevchuk, S.Hayashi, Y.Okada, and R.Z.Sabirovf. 2008. Spatial distribution of maxi-anion channel on cardiomyocytes detected by smart-patch technique. Biophysical Journal 94:1646-1655.

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    27.   Shevchuk, A.I., J.Gorelik, S.E.Harding, M.J.Lab, D.Klenerman, and Y.E.Korchev. 2001. Simultaneous measurement of Ca2+ and cellular dynamics: Combined scanning ion conductance and optical microscopy to study contracting cardiac myocytes. Biophysical Journal 81:1759-1764.

Dr Andrew Shevchuk
Institute for Life Sciences University of Southampton 3041, Life Sciences Building 85 Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ (023) 8059 4288
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