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The University of Southampton
Computationally Intensive Imaging

Professor Dan L Bader BSc, MSc, PhD, DSc

Professor of Bio-engineering and Tissue Health

Professor Dan L Bader's photo

Professor Dan L Bader is Professor of Bio-engineering and Tissue Health within Health Sciences at the University of Southampton.

Presentation and Awards

Sept 2011 - Experienced Investigators Award, European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel.

June 2010 - Co-Organiser of 8th International Conference on Cell and Stem Cell Engineering, Dublin.

Aug 2010 - Organised 2 Special Seminars on “Chondrocyte Mechanics” and “Deep Tissue Injury” in 6th World  Congress in Biomechanics in Singapore.

Invited/Keynote Lectures

April 2011 - “Role of Bioengineering in Tissue Viability” In: 30th Annual Tissue Viability Society Meeting, UK.

May 2010 - “The influence of oxygen tension on cellular behaviour and its relevance
to orthopaedic practice” In: Malaysian Orthopaedic Association Scientific Conference, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

March 2010 - “Do intelligent surfaces maintain viability for a range of individual subjects”. In:Australian Wound Management Conference, Perth, Australia.

March 2010 - “Aetiology of Pressure Ulcers – Case Studies”. In: Workshop on the Science of Pressure Ulcers, Perth, Australia.

May 2009 - “Choosing the optimum Biomechanical test for Articular cartilage”. In: 8th International Cartilage Repair Society, Miami.

Research interests

Key Research Focus and Achievements

Development of cell and tissue engineered-based model systems to examine cell performance when subjected to a range of mechanical and biochemical environments. This involves the elucidation of critical mechano-transduction signaling pathways

Establishment of in vivo models to examine real-time damage in cell and tissues subjected to a range of loading regimens. By using a combined experimental and computational approach, the relative influence of deformation, ischaemia and reperfusion on damage can be examined.

Developing methodologies which enable the collection of biomarkers from the skin, blood and urine from animal and human subjects.

Design of support products which can customise the requirements of patients and minimise their risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Biomechanics of soft tissues in health and disease at different hierarchical levels.

Affiliated Research Group - Continence and Skin Health Technologies

May 2007 - “Multiscale Mechanobiology for Tissue Engineering” Co-Investigator with Lee and Knight UK
EPSRC Platform Grant Scheme.   

Oct 2007 - Alternating Low pressure sensor and Airflow”Sole Principal Investigator HillRom France.     

May 2010 - “TRANslating Science into Clinically Relevant Information for Pressure-ulcer Therapies and Risk-assessment (TranSCRIPTaR) Network” Co-Applicant with Nixon (PI, Leeds) Oomens, Gefen plus other Institutions in US, Australia, UK and Belgium. World University Network.    

June 2010 - “Multi-purpose whole body motion capture” Co-Applicant of successful with Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine (PI Morrissey) KTA award with Charnwood Dynmaics Ltd. 

March 2010 - “AusCAN risk assessment for sitting acquired Pressure Ulcers” Co-Applicant with Stacey (PI, University of Western Australia) and six other Co-Is from Australia, Canada and USA. Australian National Health Medical Research Council.    

Nov 2010 - “Complex mechanical loading of cell-seeded constructs can lead to  functional repair of cartilage defects” Principal Applicant (Bader) Co-Applicant (Shelton) Furlong Project Grant 

Oct 2010 - Beneficial effects of CNP in engineered human cartilage” Co-Applicant with Chowdhury (PI), Ramachandran (both QMUL) and Dr Salter (Edinburgh University) AO Foundation Research Fund.  

Membership of Advisory Groups/Government Boards

2011 - Journal of Tissue Viability - Editor

1993 - Member of Editorial Board  

2004 - Physiotherapy Journal  - International Advisory Board

1999 - Biomedical Materials and Engineering - Member of Editorial Board  

2010 - Elected Trustee of European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel 

2006 - Elected Member of World Council of Biomechanics

2002 - International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE) Member of Special Interest Group in cellular Engineering 

2003 - Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (formerly BES):  

2010 - Member of Membership Panel


  • 1990 - Queen Mary University of London (Lee, Knight, Chowdhury)           
  • 2005 - Various UK Universities including Leeds, Edinburgh etc.                 
  • 2000 - Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands (Oomens,
  • 2008 - University of Western Australia, Australia (Swaine, Stacey)             
  • 2005 - Tel Aviv University, Israel (Gefen)
  • 1999 - Tohoku University, Japan (Sato)                                                      
  • Industrial

  • 2010 - Molnlycke (pressure relieving products)
  • 2008 - HillRom (Active support surfaces)  

Research group

Fundamental Care and Safety

Research project(s)

Interface sensors and biomechanics at the residuum/socket interface for lower limb prosthetics

Prostate Cancer TrueNorth

This is part of the STAR programme: Development, Implementation & Integration of a Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Survivorship Programme into Practice (The STAR Programme: Personalised Supported Self-Management and Remote Monitoring for Men with Prostate Cancer).

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Book Chapters



Existing teaching expertise is focused on

  • Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
  • Biomaterials use in Medical Implants
  • Bioengineering Interventions in Clinical Practice
  • Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers
  • Research Methods
Professor Dan L Bader
Faculty of Health Sciences University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ Email:

Room Number: SGH/AA103/MP11

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