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The University of Southampton
Institute of Maritime Law

A Marine Insurance talk on: “Terms of Insurance Contracts”  Event

15:30 - 17:30
30 October 2015
Vista 2 - Meeting Room, Hilton Hotel Singapore 581 Orchard Road, Singapore, Singapore 238883 - Tel: 65-67-372-233

For more information regarding this event, please email Alan Lim at .

Event details

We would like to invite you to A Marine Insurance talk on: “Terms of Insurance Contracts” organised by the Institute of Maritime Law, University of Southampton. ABOUT THE TOPIC The rules governing insurance contract terms have been reformed in England by the Insurance Act 2015. It has been obviously the case that especially insurance warranties were draconian. In order to provide a balanced solution between assured and insurer the 2015 Act brought sections 9-11 which abolished some parts of the Marine Insurance Act in relation to interpretation of insurance contract terms. Under the 2015 Act it may be assumed that a fairer remedy for the assured is provided but it is necessary to question to what extent section 10 and especially section 11 is likely to apply uncontroversially in practice. It will also be necessary to discuss the interlink between sections 10 and 11, as well as the definitions of a term ‘which defines the risk as a whole’ and how will an assured prove that breach of a term (whether a warranty of not) could not have increased the risk in the way that the risk has occurred. REGISTRATION We would like to encourage you (and your colleagues) to attend this enriching session. The talk free-of-charge. Kindly register early as seats are limited and availability on first come first serve basis.

Speaker information

Dr Özlem Gürses ,Dr Özlem Gürses is an Associate Professor in Maritime Law at the University of Southampton. Özlem obtained her first degree in law in Turkey upon which she studied LLM in Maritime Law at the University of Southampton. She then wrote her PhD in reinsurance law under the supervision of Professor Rob Merkin. Özlem is the sole author of Reinsuring Clauses and Marine Insurance Law published by Informa in 2011 and Routledge in 2015, respectively. She also contributed to the chapter on Marine Insurance in the third edition of Maritime Law, a publication jointly written by the members of the Institute of Maritime Law. She also published articles and case notes in the areas of marine insurance, insurance and reinsurance law. Özlem teaches insurance law and contract law in Germany, Italy and Greece and teaches the marine insurance components of the courses organised by the Institute of Maritime Law in Southampton, London and Singapore. She is a member of the Presidential Council, Marine Insurance and Reinsurance Working Parties of the International Insurance Law Association/ Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances (AIDA) and she regularly presents papers at the Working Party Meetings.

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