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The University of Southampton
The India Centre for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development



Universities in the 21st Century are and will continue to be highly competitive global knowledge-based organisations.

At the University of Southampton, internationalisation is one of the four principles that underpin our University’s decadal Simply Better Strategy (2016–2026). To deliver the University Strategy collegially and effectively, and to advance quality and sustainability, is our commitment to internationalise both our education provision and research portfolio, for the benefits of student experience, graduate outcomes and research excellence. Delivering excellence in education and research depends upon universities developing a global perspective and working collegially across disciplines. At the University of Southampton, we pride ourselves to be both truly global and at the forefront of interdisciplinary collaborations. To realise our commitment, we have, in recent years, appointed four Pro Vice Chancellors from international engagement, international projects, ASEAN to interdisciplinary research. Every single School at the University has appointed a Director of Internationalisation and every Faculty has an Associate Dean International. The Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor takes the institutional leadership to embed internationalisation very seriously. Concrete actions taken include the creation of a Vice President International role within the University’s decadal Strategy. The University Executive Board Members are committed to ensuring the University is a truly global university and championing the four principles of collegiality, internationalisation, quality and sustainability.


I see internationalisation at Southampton to be both inter-connected and distributed. It is early days, but we are at the stage of embedding  internationalisation by institutional leadership, governance, faculty, students and all academic and professional services. In the coming months and years, we will confirm our commitment through deliberate actions and a structured approach. Internationalisation begins at home. By 2026, our international capability and capacity in people, systems, processes, platforms, programmes and services will be a cut above the rest. Internationalisation at home will enable us to remain relevant, excellent and competitive globally. In the 21st Century, no university can claim to be global without engaging with India. India has 17% of the world’s population and its population is on a growth trajectory. Southampton has welcomed scholars and students from India for decades. The launch of the India Centre is our first institutional endeavour to harness the knowledge base at Southampton in order to create meaningful and longstanding partnerships with our collaborators, both existing and new, in India. It is another exciting chapter of internationalisation and we are committed to making our students, staff, communities and partners proud.

In the 21st Century, no university can claim to be global without engaging with India.

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