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The University of Southampton
The India Centre for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development

Research Award Highlights for the Faculty of Social Sciences

Prof Chris Potts; School of Mathematical Sciences and Dr Antonio Martinez Sykora; Business School

KTP with Lucketts: Coach and Driver Scheduling

Innovate UK; £137,324 over 30 months

Lucketts; £67,637 over 30 months


Prof Kostas Skenderis; School of Mathematical Sciences

Withers RS URF EA – Holographic CFTs on curved spacetimes

Royal Society; £113,406 over 18 months


Dr Michaela Brockmann; Southampton Education School

Brockmann Gatsby – On-the-job training of apprenticeships in England

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation; £36,895 over 8 months


Dr Michael Hatcher; School of Economic, Social and Political Sciences

Endogenous extrapolation: Implications for boom-bust cycles and macroeconomic policy

ESRC; £85,958 over 24 months

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