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The University of Southampton
Interdisciplinary Research Excellence


Hull biofouling costs millions yearly

The Centre will allow economic growth by transforming industry capability across the following application areas:

One-Health: for example, catheter technology; respiratory, wounds, AMR, orthopaedic, oral healthcare, medical device technology, nutrition and veterinary medicine. The University of Southampton has a demonstrated NIHR clinical translational capacity and infrastructure.

Food and Soil: for example, contamination in poultry; farming and aquaculture industries. Our capability is strengthened by our partnership with the new £75M BBSRC Quadram Institute (Institute for Food Research), Norwich.

Marine and Maritime: for example, fouling and corrosion, sensors, marine biotech and algal biofuels. We have access to world-leading research and testing facilities at the National Oceanographic Centre at Southampton.

Built Environment: for example, wWater systems and technology; hospital and industrial; decontamination and infection control.

Integrated Biorefineries: for example, harnessing biofilms to convert wastes into useful products like fuels, power, heat, and value-added chemicals from biomass.




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