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The University of Southampton
Interdisciplinary Research Excellence

The Team

Professor Jeremy Webb, University of Southampton

University of Southampton:
Principle Investigator: Professor Jeremy Webb
CEO & Innovation Director (to be confirmed)
 Academic leads: Professor Tim Leighton FRS, Professor Saul Faust, Professor Bill Keevil and Professor Paul Stoodley.

Partner Universities:
Professor Paul Williams and Professor Miguel Camara, University of Nottingham
Professor Rasmita Raval, University of Liverpool
Professor Nicola Stanley Wall, University of Dundee
Professor Brendan Gilmore, Queen’s University Belfast
Tom Humphrey, Swansea University.

Leading Biofilm Centres:
We have extensive partnerships with leading centres in UK biofilm research at: Birmingham University, Oxford University, the Quadram Institute Norwich, Manchester University and Imperial College London.

International context:
We have long-established partnerships with the leading biofilm centres internationally – SCELSE Singapore, CBE Montana, and the Costerton Biofilm Centre, Copenhagen; plus access to international researcher and industry networks.

BIKC provides:

  1. A partnership of leading academic institutions across the UK and an extended network of researchers at the forefront of biofilm science.
  2. Expertise in all aspects of biofilm research and management, from fundamental biofilm physiology and regulation, to nanoscale surface engineering.
  3. Ability to work with companies to test solutions and products across a wide range of application areas.

Professor Jeremy Webb,



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