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The University of Southampton
Interdisciplinary Research Excellence

MRW11: Multidisciplinary Research Week 2011 Event

09:00 - 17:00
31 January 2011 - 4 February 2011
Southampton University - all campuses

Event details

Multidisciplinary Research Week is a programme of activities aimed at showcasing different aspects of interdisciplinary work here at the University of Southampton.

The Week of Events in 2011

Monday - Friday: Faith art:science Exhibition

Monday: The Digital Economy: Opportunities for Art & Design in Web Science

Monday: Adventures Beyond the Comfort Zone

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: µ-VIS Laboratory Talk and Tour

Monday: Work Futures in the Digital Economy

Tuesday: Computational Modelling Annual Meeting

Tuesday: Computational Modelling Speed Dating

Tuesday: Haptic Devices for Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients

Wednesday: Speakers' Corner: Discourse, Debate & Doughnuts!

Wednesday: The Institute of Maritime Law presents: The International Role of Classification Societies

Wednesday: Complex Systems Simulation DTC: Open Day Event

Wednesday: The Interface Between Neuroscience, Immunology and Well Being

Thursday: Perivascular Drainage and the Origins of Neuro-Opthalmological Disease

Thursday: Modes of Address

Thursday: Open Access Workshop

Thursday: Zine Event: Life Sciences, NanoScience and the Sensored Environment

Thursday: Changing Climate Change

Friday: Location, Location, Complexification: Spatial Constraints Scaffold Complex Swarm-Built Architectures

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