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Diffusion of molecules in brain extracellular space Event

12:00 - 13:00
6 July 2011
LF9, Level F, South Lab and Path Block, Southampton General Hospital

Event details

I have studied diffusion of substances in brain extracellular space for 30 years using two methods that I originated based on a ‘point source paradigm’. The first technique is the real time iontophoresis (RTI) method using iontophoresis of tetramethylammonium (TMA) and the second method is the integrative optical imaging (IOI) method based on quantifying the images of diffusing fluorescent molecules. These methods enable diffusion to be characterized in a very small volume of brain tissue in real time.

The goal of my work has been to use experimental analysis of diffusion, accompanied by appropriate modeling, to reveal the structural and functional properties of the extracellular space. During the next few years I will be focusing on improving the resolution of the IOI method and using the MCell Monte Carlo modeling software to understand diffusion anisotropy in the brain and the interaction of diffusing molecules with the extracellular matrix. My laboratory is also actively refining our custom software for performing both the RTI and IOI method.

My early work included the analysis of extracellular field potentials and current source density, work on stimulation by applied electric fields, cerebellar electrophysiology, spreading depression and the recording of ionic responses in the brain.

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