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Jets, Wakes and Momentum Eddies in Stratified Fluids Event

12:00 - 13:00
16 September 2011
Building 7, Room 3023

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In many liquid systems (stratified fluid, shallow flows, thin soap films, conducting fluids in a magnetic field) the motion in one direction is suppressed. Typical example is a density stratified fluid where the vertical motion is supressed by the buoyancy force and flows frequently are effectively horizontal with large horizontal and relatively small vertical size. Characteristic examples of such flows are unsteady jets, wakes and pancake eddies with dipolar vertical vorticity distribution (two-dimensional analog of vortex ring). These basic flows were reproduced in a stratified fluid and studied systematically by using numerous laboratory experiments and theoretical analyses. Besides scientific interest, such flows have numerous practical applications, which include large mushroom-like oceanic currents, wake signatures behind oceanic self-propelled bodies and quasi-two-dimensional (geophysical) turbulence.


Jayne Cook
AFM/Astro/ANTC Research Group Secretary
School of Engineering Sciences
University of Southampton
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