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Imaging Systems with Extreme Form Factors Event

14:00 - 15:00
21 September 2011
Building 53, Room 4025

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Optical imaging is at once an old technology and a very new one. Revolutionary advances in lasers, microoptical design/fabrication techniques, and nanophotonics have led to exotic imaging systems with increased functionality and radically new form factors. This lecture focuses on designs that stretch the size and shape of high resolution imaging systems in unusual ways. In particular, we explore futuristic space telescope designs with football-field-size mirrors held in place with high-power lasers. We concentrate on the physics of the mirror as well as the design of the required laser system. Stretching the system form factor in a different direction, we ask the question whether it is possible to design a high resolution camera that is completely confined to a plane (a “postage stamp” camera) or a line (a “thread” camera). We show that this may be possible with a suitable combination of non-classical optical components and image processing.

Jacob Mackenzie
Optoelectronics Research Centre Highfield Campus
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ
Tel: 02380 592693

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