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The Future of Work in the Third Sector Event

09:30 - 17:30
22 September 2012
Human Rights Action Centre. 17-25 New Inn Yard, London. EC2A 3EA

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Managing and supporting your staff team in the current climate of cuts and funding uncertainty can be a real challenge. But when making crucial decisions, do you know what roles and skills will be vital for the future of your organisation and its beneficiaries? Are you thinking about your talent management strategy and leadership model? Do you know how current policies will affect the workforce of the future?

This conference brings together key academic thinkers, policy makers and employers to explore issues facing the voluntary and community workforce in a time of change.

It is jointly organised by the Third Sector Research Centre and Work Futures Research Centre, who will share current research on trends and motivations in the third sector workforce. They will discuss what these trends tell us about the future of the sector and how the sector's workforce might be affected by current policy.

Afternoon workshops, facilitated by key experts, will offer insights into:

  • how to develop skills to meet future needs
  • how to undertake strategic analysis of your future workforce needs
  • how to manage cross sector working
  • how to respond to the environmental challenge

The conference will conclude with a panel discussion with representatives from the Office of Civil Society, UNISON, and the sector, to explore alternative perspectives on the third sector workforce of the future.

Programme Participants: Saeeda Ahmed (TRESCOM), Sally Brailsford (University of Southampton), Katie Bruce (TSRC), Rebecca Edwards (TSRC), Denise Fairhurst (Ipsos Mori), Alison Fuller (WFRC), Susan Halford (WFRC/TSRC), Pauline Leonard (WFRC/TSRC), James McHugh (Skills-Third Sector), Steve McKay (TSRC), Keith Mogford (Skills-Third Sector), John Mohan (TSRC), Catherine Pope (WFRC), Terry Ryall (V), Mike Short (UNISON), Elaine Smethurst (Starting From Here), Rebecca Taylor (TSRC), Steven Wallace Office of Civil Society, Karl Wilding (NCVO).

Registration by 15th September is £30.

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Limited bursaries are available. To apply, or for any queries or additional support needs, please contact Naomi Landau:, Tel: 020 7520 2421

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