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Graph-theoretic methods in electrical systems Event

09:00 - 14:00
19 - 20 June 2012
Building 54, Room 5A

Event details

The symbiosis between mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering has served for a very long time as a very important source of motivation for research in mathematics and has provided the impetus for many important discoveries. Contributions of mathematics to practical problems are manifold and form the basis of modern technology. These interactions are far from being exhausted, and indeed we are currently witnessing some very exciting new developments in the area of direct applications of Pure Mathematics to difficult problems arising from applications.

This workshop arises from a research programme that studies mathematical foundations of power grid structure and in particular addresses the challenge of large-scale catastrophic failures in such grids. In this workshop we will present some key mathematical tools and techniques that have found applications in this context, as well as a variety of specific problems that can benefit from their application.

The program is divided into four modules:

  • The electrical power network as a complex system (2 lectures)
  • Modern applied graph theory (4 lectures)
  • Islanding in power engineering (2 lectures)
  • Optimization for power networks (2 lectures)

plus contributed research talks from the participants.

It will take place in the Maths Lecture Room 5A (Building 54) starting on Tuesday 19th (morning) and finishing on Wednesday 20th (lunchtime).

If you want to attend without formal registration, please let us know by writing your name in this list

More information can be found at the workshop website

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